Public Health Commissioning

NHS England works closely with Public Health England and the Department of Health to provide and commission a range of public health services.

Public Health Commissioning Intentions

Gateway Reference: 0664

NHS England Public Health Commissioning Intentions have now been published.  They set out to healthcare providers notice of NHS England’s Commissioning Intentions for Public Health Services under Section 7A for 2014/15 and should read in conjunction with the NHS Public Health Functions Agreement 2014/ 2015 – Public Health functions to be exercised by NHS England published November 2013.

Public health functions agreement (S7A) for 2014/15

The NHS has a critical part to play in securing good population health.   The public health functions agreement (S7A) for 2014/15 – an agreement between the Secretary of State for Health and NHS England was published on 11 November.

It enables NHS England to commission certain public health services, such as national immunisation programmes, and will drive improvements in population health and set out the outcomes to be achieved and arrangements for funding from the public health budget. The spirit of this agreement is a shared commitment from DH and NHS England, with the support of PHE to protect and improve the public’s health.

Immunisation and Screening

This document sets out how national, regional, and local operational and governance arrangements for national screening and immunisation programmes in England will be coordinated.

NHS England has received a number of queries in relation to PGDs for vaccination and this letter aims to clarify the recent legislative changes around PGDs and to ensure issues related to PGDs authorisation stand in the way of people being immunised.

More information about the improved vaccination programme

Be Clear on Cancer campaign

Further to the letter in March setting out provisional plans for campaigns to promote earlier diagnosis of cancer Public Health England, in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS England, has announced details of the next national Be Clear on Cancer campaign launching in October 2013.

Highlighting the most common symptom of kidney and bladder cancers, the campaign tells people to go and see their GP if they see blood in the urine, even if it’s ‘just the once’.

The campaign was successfully tested in the North of England earlier this year and details of this new campaign are available in the latest letter.

Symptom awareness campaigns, letter issued 20 December 2013
Letter with provisional plans, March, 2013
Be Clear on Cancer – information for professionals
This letter provides information on the Be Clear on Cancer campaigns for February and March 2014

Securing excellence in commissioning for healthy children programme 0 – 5 years