CCG maps

Last updated: 19 May 2015

The CCG maps are provided in a number of formats:

  • CCG boundaries for use in GIS software: mapinfo and KML format (note, these map layers are generalised to 200 metres).


  1. Simon Radcliffe says:


    I’m looking to put together a list of CSUs with their related CCGs. Have you got this information on an Excel file that you could send me?



  2. Survindar says:

    Hi – Happy New Year everyone !

    Is there anything that shows the CCG areas and the Local Authority areas? If there’s a public health element that will be covered by some councils it might be worth seeing whether one CCG is working with more than one Local Authority, and vice versa?

  3. Greg says:


    Do you have a digital mapping for the LAT (Local Area Team) structure as I undersand this kind of replaces the SHAs in terms of reginonal coverage and who the new CCGs link into?

    I require this information for reporting purposes for National/Regional IT Services supplier to the NHS.

    • Simon@NHS CB says:

      Hi Greg
      Thank you for your comment. This is something we are currently working on and will be available shortly, I will update this reply and send you an email when it is available. For more information on the NHS Commissioning Board’s area teams please see the area teams briefing pack.

      Kind regards

      Digital Communications Officer
      NHS Commissioning Board