Able to use collaborative approaches to prioritise needs and issues, on the basis of data and local preferences

These products will be of help to individual leaders, senior teams, governing bodies, extended teams and whole CCGs:

JSNAs and joint health and wellbeing strategies, draft guidance

Draft guidance on the roles for clinical commissioning groups and their partners in refreshing the JSNA and developing the joint health and wellbeing strategies.  Published Jan 2012 for views.

Health Investment Network

This website provides tools, guides and case studies to enable commissioners to achieve the best health outcomes from every pound invested.  It includes links to the NHS Atlas of Variation, Spend and Outcome Tool and 40 other tools.

NHS Institute’s: commissioning to improve population outcomes

Half-day workshop on the perspective and capability to develop the CCG’s outcomes-focussed approach to commissioning. Make the best use of public health data and ensure your priorities and plans stand the best chance of improving outcomes for local people.

NHS Institute’s Reducing unwarranted variation to deliver QIPP

One-day introduction to the key tools and techniques used in detecting, understanding and addressing unwarranted variation in performance or activity.

Building icon - shows that the resource is something to attendNHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Practical Needs Assessment

Practical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a systematic method for reviewing the health issues facing a population, leading to agreed priorities and resource allocation that will inform commissioning decisions and ultimately lead to improved health and reduced inequalities. PNA will be key in relation to the development of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) that GP Commissioning Consortia (GPCC) will need to engage in, with their Local Authority colleagues. The purpose of this module is to provide practical assistance to everyone engaged in undertaking PNAs, including GP commissioners, public health specialists, local government and the voluntary and community sectors.

Building icon - shows that the resource is something to attendNHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Commissioning for priority areas

The module will cover-:

  • Tools / techniques to analyse current commissioning priorities and how best to focus efforts – for eg use of the NHS Institute opportunities locator / BCBV indicators for increased cost effectiveness
  • Brief introduction into process mapping and opportunities it could create for helping to focus on priority areas for service – re-design
  • Tools / techniques to determine impact and effort / use of matrices etc
  • How to develop a commissioning strategy that connects constituent practices and their efforts with GP commissioning consortia

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Managing long-term conditions

This module will cover different approaches to commissioning for long term conditions, ranging from single-speciality GPSI clinics to fully integrated services covering health and social care, self management and prevention. In addition, the interface between primary care as providers and commissioners in relation to LTC will be explored.

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