Skills in securing improved patient experience in all aspects of commissioning

These products will be of help to individual leaders, senior teams, governing bodies, extended teams and whole CCGs:

NHS Institute’s Commissioning for a Positive Patient Experience

One-day workshop using coaching to use the principles of Experience Based Design to improve patient experience across your pathways and services.

NHS Institute’s Experience based design for commissioners

Half-day workshop introducing the principles and practice of engaging patients and carers in improving pathways and services.

CCG authorisation – self certification information pack

Information to support applicant CCGs in making declarations of compliance. Choice is on page 6.

Building icon - shows that the resource is something to attendNHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Commissioning for quality and outcomes

Following participation in this module you will have explored the challenges that exist in moving towards a system focused on commissioning for quality & outcomes rather than one based on inputs and targets. You will understand the opportunities that exist to make the shift needed and what is expected of GP  commissioners in this area, including in relation to driving up the quality of primary care even though you are not the ‘contract holder’ and you will have developed an action plan so you can determine the key actions you need to take locally.

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Commissioning Maternity Services: A Resource Pack to support Clinical Commissioning Groups. July 2012

This Maternity Resource Pack sets out a framework for the commissioning of the discrete set of maternity services provided by acute trusts – essentially obstetric and midwifery care across the antenatal, intrapartum and immediate postnatal periods. It focuses on outcomes and brings together existing service specifications, benchmarking templates and other resources, enabling CCGs to spend more time having informed discussions with providers about service delivery and redesign and focusing on matters that will make the most difference to women and families.

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