Capability to evaluate and shape capacity and demand

These products will be of help to individual leaders, senior teams and extended teams:

RCGP’s Commissioning: Improving Patient Journeys

This free online course enables GPs and their teams to help patients navigate effectively through the healthcare system, to improve referrals quality and reduce delays in treatment. Using common case scenarios, the course focuses on how individuals and practices can improve referrals quality and management, avoid some common bottlenecks faced by patients, and influence the development of local referral pathways. You will need to register to access this course.

NHS Institute’s Managing capacity and demand

Workshop and coaching to use the best strategy and tools to measure and to manage capacity and demand in pathways and services.

Becoming a Foundation Trust – A brief guide for CCGs

This set of slides outlines the key stages to becoming a Foundation Trust and the points at which commissioners will become involved in that process.

Becoming a Foundation Trust – What are the issues for CCGs

This practical guide provides CCGs with a series of tools to:

  • Benchmark or self assess where you are now, highlight opportunities, gaps and risks
  • Facilitate key stakeholders by asking challenging questions and creating the time to   consider the critical issues at a local level
  • Give considered responses to SHAs, NHS Trust Development Authority, Department of Health and Monitor regarding local providers’ pathway to becoming Foundation Trusts

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy Commissioning for priority areas

The module will cover-:

  • Tools / techniques to analyse current commissioning priorities and how best to focus efforts – for eg use of the NHS Institute opportunities locator / BCBV indicators for increased cost effectiveness
  • Brief introduction into process mapping and opportunities it could create for helping to focus on priority areas for service – re-design
  • Tools / techniques to determine impact and effort / use of matrices etc
  • How to develop a commissioning strategy that connects constituent practices and their efforts with GP commissioning consortia

Building icon - shows that the resource is something to attendNHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Managing long-term conditions

This module will cover different approaches to commissioning for long term conditions, ranging from single-speciality GPSI clinics to fully integrated services covering health and social care, self management and prevention. In addition, the interface between primary care as providers and commissioners in relation to LTC will be explored.

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Stimulating the market

One of the key challenges facing us in GP commissioning will be the management of our provider market. This is at the heart of what commissioning means and it is a difficult area where few PCTs excelled. The NHS has been urged to ‘remove barriers’ to make it easier to commission and decommission services from a range of care settings – from primary care through to secondary care settings, the independent and third sector, but how do we do it in practical terms? This could mean lots of providers in the market place, what will this mean to our health community? How do we ensure we are improving quality and value for our population? Can we make ‘consensual

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