Awareness and skills to ensure the CCG will be able to undertake procurement in accordance with best practice

These products will be of help to individual leaders:

NHS Institute’s Leadership series: Leading the Board

This one day workshop is an introduction to the legal requirements of public sector governance, and the responsibilities of the CCG governing body. Review your current structures, procedures and team working in the light of best practice.

CCG authorisation – self certification information pack

Information to support applicant CCGs in making declarations of compliance.  Procurement is on page 4

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Contracting and procurement

This module will help GP Commissioners understand the basics of contracting & procurement and its use in supporting you as a commissioner of health care. Participation in this module will give you a greater understanding of the contracting routes/processes and procurement vehicles for GP Commissioners and how you can use the contracting & procurement process to deliver on your commissioning strategy. Overall the module will give you some tips & techniques to ensure contracts are tight & ways to enforce.


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