Understanding of duties under The Equality Act. Skills in using Equality Delivery System

These products will be of help to individual leaders, senior teams and governing bodies:

CCG authorisation – self certification information pack

Information to support applicant CCGs in making declarations of compliance. Equality is on page 8.

The Equality Delivery System

The EDS provides a tool to help organisations be the best they can be for their patients and staff. It can be used to support commissioners to identify local needs and priorities, particularly unmet needs of seldom-heard populations, and allow them to shape services around people’s specific circumstances, and so help to deliver better outcomes.

It will help NHS organisations meet the:

  • requirements of the public sector Equality Duty
  • equality aspects of the NHS Constitution
  • equality aspects of the NHS Outcomes Framework
  • equality aspects of CQC’s Essential Standards
  • equality aspects of the Human Resources Transition Framework

The Essential guide to the public sector equality duty

This guide is one of a series written by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to explain how public authorities can meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

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