Appropriate levels of influence, skill and capacity to build effective and well governed partnerships to improve population outcomes

These products will be of help to individual leaders and senior teams:

NHS Institute’s: Collaborating and Partnering

One-day workshop to further your shared vision and collaborative agreements, to maximise the resilience and effectiveness of inter-CCG partnerships. Incorporate the nine High-Impact Actions for Productive Partnering into agreements and the approach to collaboration across the local system.

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Partnership working and negotiation skills

Following participation in this module you will have a much clearer understanding of the range of partnerships you will need to develop and how you might nurture them. You will understand the key relationship with the local authority and how you need to work with public health to support your commissioning aspirations. You will also learn more about a range of negotiation and influencing styles you might adopt to get the best out of the system, and will develop an action plan so you can determine the key actions you need to take locally.

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NAPC / Hempsons’ 10-step guide to legal support for CCG authorisation

This guide aims to help CCGs understand what they have to do to be ready for the self-certification and assessment processes of CCG authorisation.

Package icon - shows that the resource is a bespoke development packageTool for health and wellbeing boards

This tool has been co-produced by a number of partners involved in providing support to health and wellbeing boards and aims to support board members to evaluate their progress to date and highlight key issues for the future.  The tool is designed to be undertaken collectively by boards, so that challenges can be discussed and views shared.

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