Understanding and skill to identify requirements, secure support and monitor performance

These products will be of help to individual leaders, senior teams and governing bodies:

Early Warning Systems in the NHS Review of early warning systems in the NHS, National Quality Board Feb 2010

This review from the National Quality Board, undertaken in 2010, looks at systems and processes in the NHS for safeguarding quality and preventing serious failures. Pages 36-37 set out the commissioner responsibilities.

Local Government Association’s Leadership bespoke support and development offer

The aim of this leadership and development offer is to equip senior leaders with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to help them operative effectively in a complex cross-organisational environment. This offer is open to Health and Wellbeing Boards.

CCG authorisation – self certification information pack

Information to support applicant CCGs in making declarations of compliance Commissioning support is on page 17.

Developing commissioning support: Towards service excellence

This document outlines plans to create the best possible support for CCGs and ensure that, from the outset, CCGs have access to the full range of commissioning support  they will need, delivered in a cost effective way so that they can get the best value from their running cost allowance. The purpose of this document is to help those leading change on the ground move forward to a future where all CCGs, and the NHS CB, can get access to the right commissioning support they need.

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Update on the informed customer programme in CCG bulletin 

CCGs will wish to be informed customers of commissioning support in order to define how they will carry out their functions, what additional external support they need and then articulate these requirements to the emerging commissioning support market. This is an update on the Informed Customer programme, detailing work that has already been undertaken in this area and setting out forthcoming activities for July – October 2012.

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Stimulating the market

One of the key challenges facing us in GP commissioning will be the management of our provider market. This is at the heart of what commissioning means and it is a difficult area where few PCTs excelled. The NHS has been urged to ‘remove barriers’ to make it easier to commission and decommission services from a range of care settings – from primary care through to secondary care settings, the independent and third sector, but how do we do it in practical terms? This could mean lots of providers in the market place, what will this mean to our health community? How do we ensure we are improving quality and value for our population? Can we make ‘consensual commissioning’ a reality? This module will cover different approaches to commissioning/decommissioning services, market management, competition & choice with practical examples for GP Commissioners.

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NAPC / Hempsons’ 10-step guide to legal support for CCG authorisation

This guide aims to help CCGs understand what they have to do to be ready for the self-certification and assessment processes of CCG authorisation.



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