Knowledge of the issues involved in partnering with officers and members in local government, and in giving public account for CCG decisions. Understanding of the importance of effective relationships. Skills in presenting plans to a public committee

These products will be of help to individual leaders and senior teams:

JSNAs and joint health and wellbeing strategies, draft guidance

Draft guidance on the roles for clinical commissioning groups and their partners in refreshing the JSNA and developing the joint health and wellbeing strategies.  Published Jan 2012 for views.

Voluntary Sector North West (on behalf of Regional Voices) Towards more effective commissioning of local voluntary sector organisations

This document looks at commissioning support needs in the new health system and the role the voluntary sector can play moving forward. The report brings together learning from a number of meetings and discussions, proposes recommendations, and also includes a variety of case studies about how commissioners have worked with different types of organisation.

National Learning Network for health and wellbeing boards

Register to join this online space to share forum discussions, follow the progress of the National Accelerated Learning Programme, take part in Q&As and access useful resources and calendar dates. The network is open to CCGs, leaders from local government, the NHS and public health and other partners interested in the development of health and wellbeing boards.

Accountability and the new structures

This discussion paper, published in November 2011 by the Centre for Public Scrutiny and the General Practitioners’ Council of the BMA, looks at why accountability is important, and provides definitions of the terms used when discussing accountability. It looks at the structures involved in holding Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to account and presents the view that good accountability relationships will be central to the success of CCGs.

Local Government Association’s Quick Guide to Local Government

This quick guide to local government aims to offer an introduction to those new to working with or in local government. Whilst it provides a useful overview of how local government functions, published in April 2011 it does not take full account of the Health and Social Care Act in the section on scrutiny.

NHS Institute’s Simulation: the Health & Wellbeing Board

A one-day workshop simulating the experience of giving account of your plans in a public forum, with national experts on scrutiny and management in local authorities and the NHS.

Smart guide to working with Local Authority scrutiny

The Smart Guides to Engagement series is for everyone working in or with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). The guides have been written by experts to provide straightforward advice on all aspects of patient and public engagement in an easily digested format.

Package icon - shows that the resource is a bespoke development packageTool for health and wellbeing boards

This tool has been co-produced by a number of partners involved in providing support to health and wellbeing boards and aims to support board members to evaluate their progress to date and highlight key issues for the future.  The tool is designed to be undertaken collectively by boards, so that challenges can be discussed and views shared.


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