Individual senior leadership capacity and capability

These products will be of help to individual leaders and senior teams:

NHS Institute’s Building on your personal strengths

A one-day workshop of leadership coaching using the Strength Deployment Inventory to identify and build upon your personal strengths and improve your effectiveness.

NHS Institute’s Understanding and using motivation

A half-day workshop of leadership coaching using the Strength Deployment Inventory. Understand your personal communication motivational style. Develop your ability to connect directly to others’ motivations.

NHS Institute’s Creating a compelling narrative for change

A one-day workshop to develop a public narrative which connects with colleagues’ values. Build shared purpose and lead through commitment rather than compliance using the NHS Change Model to map change at scale and pace.

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NHS Alliance Commissioning Academy: Leading and managing

Following participation on this module you will have a better appreciation about the need for effective leadership, and the different approaches to leadership and when you need what with GP Commissioning. You will understand the realities of change and how you can draw on a range of tools and techniques to help you manage change better and to secure better engagement of stakeholders and can overcome any resistance. You will have applied the theory to a practical set of issues and will have developed your own action plan to work on within your GPCC.

  Managing Yourself as a Leader

The attached flyers are for 2 day workshops, run on non-consecutive days by Ashridge Business School primarily for those CCG leaders who have gone through an assessment centre and want to develop aspects of their leadership. However, availability has been widened to include those, for example, who are involved in leading clinical redesign work in a CCG for a least 2 sessions a week, although priority will be given to CCG leaders who have gone through the assessment process.

The workshop dates are currently for London with others being planned in other parts of the country. The venue details are available on booking.

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