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New targets for dementia diagnosis rates

NHS England is set to target “shockingly low” diagnosis rates of dementia in England in a move that could see tens of thousands more people diagnosed and treated each year. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently announced the drive to completely overhaul dementia diagnosis as the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia reaches its first year.

Monitor and NHS England call for views on how the NHS payment system can do more for patients

Monitor and NHS England are working to reform the way NHS services are paid for. They aim to develop and design a new payment system which will deliver the best possible care for patients. For nearly a decade hospitals have been paid through the Payment by Results system. They are now inviting views on how the NHS payment system can be reformed to do more for patients.

National partners make commitment to join up health and social care

NHS England as a key partner in the National Collaboration for Integrated Care and Support has signed up to first ever system-wide ‘shared commitment’ to help local areas integrate services. The agreement, set out in the ‘Integrated care and support: our shared commitment’ framework document on integration, will tackle national barriers and enable and encourage locally-led, integrated services to flourish.

Be clear on cancer – looking ahead 2013-14

Public Health England is running a series of campaigns  to raise awareness of the symptoms of cancer.  These campaigns may have an impact on numbers presenting with relevant symptoms and on demand for a range of NHS services including an increase of 10% for chest x-rays and CT scans over the campaign period. For further information please contact David Halsall. CCG clinical leaders and NHS chief executives will wish to ensure plans are in place to prepare for the campaigns. If you have any queries about the forthcoming campaigns, please contact Hilary Walker.

Consultations and evaluations

£10m to improve discharge arrangements for homeless people

The Department of Health has launched an application process for voluntary sector bids working in partnership with NHS and local authorities to improve discharge arrangements for homeless patients that can improve health outcomes, reduce ‘revolving door’ admissions and save NHS money. The funding will ensure better services are in place so that no patient is discharged without their housing and medical support needs planned. The deadline for voluntary sector organisations to apply for the fund is 8 July 2013.

Leadership pilots

Eight leadership pilots running across the country have been finding new ways for partners in health and care systems to tackle problems and find workable solutions. Supported by a team from local government and health, applications are being sought from another 22 Health and Wellbeing Boards. CGC clinical leaders, NHS and local authority chief executives who wish to submit an application to John Jarvis should do so by 2 June 2013.

Patients First Programme Three Year Evaluation, Invitation to Tender

The Foundation of Nurse Studies would like to understand more about the longer term value of this programme and its impact on practice. To this end, we are seeking an external evaluator to undertake an evaluation of the first three years of the Patients First Programme (November 2009 – October 2012) involving forty nurse-led teams invitation to tender. The total budget for this evaluation is £20,000 and the closing date for applications is 10 June 2013.


Guide to the Healthcare System in England

This guide was published on 10 May 2013. It builds on previous guidance issued, bringing together in one place a concise explanation of how existing and new NHS organisations are working closely together to deliver improved care for patients. The roles and responsibilities of each partner in the healthcare system are outlined in a way that is a useful companion piece to the NHS Constitution.

NHS Improving Quality publishes strategic intent

NHS Improving Quality has published a strategic intent document, which outlines the aims and values of the organisation. Set up on 1 April 2013, NHS Improving Quality works to improve health outcomes across England by providing improvement and change expertise. The strategic intent details how the organisation will deliver 10 key improvement programmes based around the priority areas set out in the NHS Outcomes Framework 2013/14, as well as four programmes to develop capability and capacity within the healthcare system.

OK to Ask about clinical research: international clinical trials day

On 20 May the National Institute for Health Research launches “It’s OK to ask” a national campaign to encourage patients to ask their doctor/consultant about opportunities to take part in clinical research. See a related video message from the Chief Medical Officer. CCG clinical leaders will wish to prepare for the clinical trials day on 20 May and consider how to channel patient interest in research in their local area.

Conferences and events

The Bristol NHS Values Summit, 17 May 2013

The Equality and Health Inequalities team within NHS England is hosting the Bristol NHS Values Summit on Friday 17 May 2013. The event will bring leaders from across health and social care together with staff, patients and local community representatives to share insights into how people’s differences can affect their experiences, quality of care and health outcomes. To attend please get in touch.

Quality Accounts Wednesday 5 June 2013, London

Simon Bennett, Quality Framework Team, NHS England will give the opening address at this conference which will provide an important update on strengthening quality accounts in response to the Francis recommendations following the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry. CCG clinical leaders and NHS chief executives can register at the link above or contact Kerry for further information. A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20nhsnews when booking.

Patient Experience Feedback, Tuesday 11 June, London

With an address by Neil Churchill Director of Patient Experience, NHS England this conference focuses on implementing the patient experience feedback recommendations from the Francis Inquiry Report into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, including developing real time systems. Please register at the link above or contact Kerry for further information. A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20nhsnews when booking.

Extra Notes

All communications requiring the attention of NHS commissioning organisations must include a publications gateway reference number. In order to streamline the number of communications issued by NHS England, these will continue to be sent via ‘NHS news’ every Thursday.

Unless otherwise stated, guidance referred to in the bulletin has not been commissioned or endorsed by NHS England – it is evidence that organisations and professionals may find helpful in improving practice. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is the provider of accredited evidence and guidance, which can be found on the Institute’s website

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