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NHS Commissioning Assembly News

Quality Working Group contribution to new publication

The Commissioning Assembly Quality Working Group has contributed to the development of the newly published document ‘Setting 5 year ambitions for improving outcomes’.

The document has been produced as a how-to guide for commissioners who will need to set their own 5 year ambitions on key outcomes for their local population and patients as part of the NHS planning guidance.

The task set in the guidance around ambitions will provide the opportunity for local commissioners to put the pursuit of high quality care for all at the heart of everything the NHS does and drive change for the better.

CCGs and Area Teams have been consulted and contributed to the development of the guide. The document is now available here

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Developing the NHS Commissioning Assembly

An overwhelming number of CCG leaders have provided feedback for the research of the new Commissioning Assembly task and finish groups.

The purpose of the research is to gather insight from key stakeholders about how they currently engage with the Assembly and to ask their views about how the Assembly might develop in the future.

The outcomes of the research will be a topic for discussion at the first meeting of the new membership, constitution and ways of working task and finish group in January. The group has been established to develop the strategic direction and ambition of the Commissioning Assembly following on from the insight generated by members at the recent annual event.

Both Assembly and non-Assembly members were able to contribute as part of online surveys. Interviews also took place with key stakeholders. The outcomes will inform the work programme and strategy going forward.

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Strategic issues

Winterbourne View Concordat: Assuring transformation of care for NHS funded patients

The NHS must be able to assure people with learning disability, their families and carers, the wider public and the Department of Health that our commitments in the Winterbourne View Concordat action plan are delivered.

To do this a targeted data collection, (ROCR/OR/2203/001MAND) and (CAG 6-07(a)/2013), is required with effect from 9 January 2014. All NHS commissioners need to complete a bespoke quarterly return. This deadline for completion of the first collection is 31 January 2014.

A letter, supporting guidance and data collection are provided below:

For queries please contact

Lead Provider Framework draft scope published

NHS England is developing a lead provider framework to enable CCGs to choose to procure more swiftly and with reduced costs from a range of accredited, high quality external support organisations.

During November there was a series of regional engagement events for CCGs and suppliers to develop the scope of this framework. A total of 69 CCGs and 52 suppliers were represented and following their feedback we have published a draft of the framework scope.

If you have any feedback on the proposed scope please email us by Friday 17 January. We intend to publish the high level criteria by the end of January and the OJEU notice for the framework on 3 March 2014.

Over the coming months we will be developing additional support for CCGs who want to procure services from the framework and would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who would like support to procure prior to, or immediately following, the launch of the framework in late 2014.

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A Call to Action event update

To assist commissioners and their partners as they embark on developing their 5-year strategies, NHS England will be publishing a series of discussion papers focused on different approaches with the potential to improve the value of the healthcare we purchase. The first of these, Commissioning for Prevention, was published last month and the Call to Action team at NHS England is now working on the second of these products which will be published early in the New Year and focus on Valuing Mental and Physical Health Equally.

A Call to Action event had been planned to take place on January 14 2014 focusing on Well Coordinated Care. This event is being rescheduled – details will follow.

Operational issues

Publication of the final National Tariff Document for 2014/15

NHS England and Monitor have confirmed the arrangements for the 2014/15 National Tariff, following consultation with commissioners and providers in the autumn.

Monitor has published the final tariff documents and supporting guidance, which commissioners will need to be familiar with as they work with providers to plan for the delivery of care for patients in 2014/15.

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NHS Standard Contract 2014/15

The NHS Standard Contract 2014/15 and the NHS Standard Contract 2014/15 draft Technical Guidance has been published on our webpage.

Where documents are for local use, they are published as PDFs and also as Word documents.

The 2014/15 CQUIN guidance has also been published with supporting documentation.

Commissioning and delivery of healthcare services in Children and Young People’s Secure Estate in England

This Agreement sets out the shared strategic intent and joint commitment for the Youth Justice Board (YJB) and NHS England to work together for the purposes of commissioning and delivering healthcare services across the Children’s and Young People’s Secure Estate (CYPSE) in England. The principal aim of the partnership is to work together on operational and strategic issues to enable children and young people held in secure accommodation commissioned by the Youth Justice Board to access and receive the same quality and range of healthcare services as provided in the wider community.

Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP):  engagement extended to 31 January 2014

Following the publication of the independent report ‘More Care, Less Pathway’ on the Liverpool Care Pathway in July 2013, the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People was established to lead and provide a focus for improving the care for these people and their families and to provide a system-wide response to the report’s recommendations.  The Alliance is chaired by NHS England and is made up of those national organisations to which the review panel addressed recommendations, joined by charities with a strong interest in the care for dying people.

CCGs will recall correspondence from Jane Cummings – Chief Nursing Officer and Rosamond Roughton – National Director: Commissioning Development on the Liverpool Care Pathway at the end of November.

As part of its work, the Alliance is currently seeking the views of patients, families and carers, professionals and organisations on a set of desired outcomes and guiding principles that will describe what high quality care for people should look like in the last days and hours of life, no matter where they are being cared for.

The engagement has been extended until Friday 31 January 2014 to allow as many people as possible to take part.

Your feedback and views on these proposals will play an important part in helping to inform the final response.  If you would like to take part and have not already done so, please do so here.

Please cascade this to colleagues across your organisation and relevant contacts and networks as appropriate in order to help ensure as wide an engagement as possible.

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CCGs invited to submit proposals for change in Specialised Services

Clinical Commissioning Groups are being invited to be involved in the development of NHS England’s five-year strategy for specialised services.  There will be a number of ways for Clinical Commissioning Groups to get involved.

  • To find out more on the strategy development, click here

Other News

Better information means better care

Leaflets explaining how the NHS plans to use and share information from GP practices, and what patients should do if they have queries or concerns about this started to be delivered this week.

Throughout January, every household in England will receive information around ‘Better information means better care’. An information line has opened for three months to give people the opportunity to ask further questions. Sharing information helps ensure that the quality and safety of services is consistent across the country and can also highlight different diseases and conditions that may require more NHS investment.

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Events and Campaigns

Invitation to Information Prescriptions & Personalised Patient Information workshop

NHS England recognises the importance of providing people with information on their health and care in order to help them feel more involved in their own care, better able to make decisions, and to manage their condition.

As part of our work on helping patients to be more involved in their care, we will be looking at the different ways in which patients and carers are provided with information, and we will be conducting a review of the Information Prescriptions Service on NHS Choices.

We are holding a workshop in London on 23 January 2014, where we hope to bring together people from a range of backgrounds, including commissioners, care professionals, information centre professionals, information producers, patients and carers.

  • If you would like to attend, or for further information, please follow the registration process on the Eventbrite page
  • If you have any questions please contact us

Premature mortality interventions workshop

NHS England is seeking to identify the opportunities and priorities for reducing premature mortality across a range of clinical conditions.  It is a priority for NHS England to ensure that parity is given to the treatment of physical health in patients with serious mental illness.

We are therefore holding a whole day workshop where we will discuss known interventions across the pathway for serious mental illness with an aim to arrive at a consensus on what the best interventions to reduce premature mortality are.

We will use this workshop to provide support to CCGs and commissioners on interventions that they could consider implementing for their populations.

We would like to invite members of CCGs and commissioners to attend the workshop on Tuesday 21 January 2014.

  • Time: 10:30 – 16:00
  • Location: York [venue TBC]

We would recommend registering early for this event as there is limited capacity and therefore we may not be able to accommodate all that are interested.

  • To register interest or for any further information please email Salman Gauher

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NHS commissioners urged to help ‘stop the pressure’

NHS commissioners are being urged to ensure that pressure ulcer prevention is hard-wired into commissioning agreements with providers.

This call to action is part of the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign, originally launched by NHS Midlands and East and now being spread nationally by NHS England, NHS Improving Quality and Haelo. They have joined forces with other partners to support a 50 per cent reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence throughout winter 2013/14.

Preventing avoidable pressure ulcers will help improve care for vulnerable patients, and could achieve considerable cost savings.

A number of pledges have been designed specifically to help commissioners support the campaign.



NHS 111 Winter Preparedness – update to letter

The original letter outlining NHS 111 system assurance and processes over the winter period was distributed in November. Please find updated Annexes C, D and E in that letter for your information. Please note no changes have been made to the content of the letter itself.

The letter addresses the need for the NHS 111 system to be assured that arrangements are in place over the winter period.  Lead NHS 111 CCGs should ensure that Urgent Care Working Groups (UCWGs) consider the arrangements that NHS 111 providers have in place over winter, and should take ownership in working with them to provide local assurance.

Reforms affecting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

Dr Dan Poulter (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at Dept. of Health) and Edward Timpson (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families) have written a joint letter to local authorities and health partners about the reforms taking place as part of the Children and Families Bill.

The Bill requires local authorities and their health partners to work collaboratively to improve both the system and outcomes for children with SEN and their families.  The letter and implementation pack provides useful information about the reforms including key questions, timeline for implementation and a range of resources and support.

NHS England is providing support to CCGs to meet mandate commitments associated with these reforms, including Personal Health Budgets.

  • For more information please contact Chris Easton, Personalisation and Control Specialist.

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