Bulletin for CCGs: Issue 66, 28 August 2014

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NHS Commissioning Assembly News:

Strategic issues:

Operational issues – for action:

Other news:

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NHS Commissioning Assembly News


Book your place at the NHS Commissioning Assembly event

CCG clinical and managerial leads will have received an invitation to attend the NHS Commissioning Assembly event which takes place on Tuesday 30 September at The Oval, London.

If you haven’t already registered, please confirm your place as soon as possible by following the link included in your invitation. There are more details about the programme for the day on the NHS Commissioning Assembly website .

Contact the Commissioning Assembly team for further information.


Strategic issues


NHS Standard Contract 2015/16 – publication of discussion paper

NHS England is now starting work on updating the NHS Standard Contract for 2015/16, for publication by the end of 2014. In preparation for this update, we wish to engage with all those with an interest in the NHS Standard Contract to assess how we can continue to improve the Contract. We have published a discussion paper and a response document on our webpage which sets out some key issues on which we would particularly welcome feedback from stakeholders. Please send your comments, by Friday 12 September 2014, to the contracts engagement mailbox.


Operational issues – for action


Commissioning Wheelchair Services

NHS England is looking for Commissioners who want to work with us and contribute to a wheelchair currency / tariff development pilot.  The pilot is part of a programme focused on improving wheelchair services.  Whilst some services are very good, people tell us that they still have to wait far too long for a wheelchair, or have difficulties in securing the most appropriate chair so that the risk of secondary complications are minimised.

The currencies that are being tested include user assessment, delivery, maintenance, and review. Analysis and benchmarking of wheelchair cost and activity through these currencies will provide valuable insight and comparisons of current service provision. The project will cover two years’ worth of data starting from 2014.

For further details, please contact David Wilcox


Consultation on Regulations for NHS Bodies’ Auditor Panels

On 28 July 2014 the Department of Health launched a formal consultation on regulations which will establish how auditor panels or audit committees will operate in their role in the appointment of local auditors and in giving advice on non-audit work.

The consultation runs until Friday 12 September 2014.

Annex A in the consultation document has a useful overview of the forward timetable of milestones CCGs should be aware of in preparation for their own appointment of auditor panels and preparing for other aspects of the Act.

All CCGs are encouraged to respond to this consultation.


National Fraud Initiative (NFI)

The Audit Commission wrote out to the Chief Finance Officers of CCGs on the 30 June with instructions for the National Fraud Initiative. In those instructions they asked CFOs to let the Audit Commission know who they wanted to nominate as their key contact for the exercise.

This is a reminder for CCG CFOs to ensure that you respond to this letter as soon as possible.

For further information please email the NFI mailbox or telephone 0303 444 8322.


Carers’ Survey on the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Annual health checks for adults with a learning disability were designed to help improve the health and the access to healthcare of adults with learning disabilities.   However, uptake of the health checks is low and there is evidence to suggest that the quality of health checks varies widely.

Learning Disability Carers Community and Karen’s Page have produced a survey to investigate the uptake, quality and barriers to accessing the health-checks.

We are asking colleagues in CCGs to circulate the survey to patients with Learning Disabilities in their CCG areas. The survey will give individuals with a Learning Disability and their carers the opportunity to give their reasons for non-attendance.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Margaret Tyson


Assuring Transformation: (Meeting the NHS commitments in Transforming Care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital and the supporting Concordat) 30 September Data Collection

NHS England, in agreement with the HSCIC, has implemented the contingency plan for the 30 September collection. The deadline for returns is 14 October. This means that the current process for collecting the data will continue.

So this can proceed effectively here is an update to be installed to the current Excel data collection tool.

Revised guidance will also be issued in early September.

This information will also be shared directly with colleagues who submitted the 30 June 2014 return.

All CCGs should confirm the successful instalment of the Excel workbook by 14 September.

If you have any queries please email the Winterbourne View Data mailbox.


Invitation for expression of interest from CCGs to work with the kidney community and NHS England to improve outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease

The NHS England business plan deliverable ‘‘Citizen Participation and Empowerment” is a vital element of NHS strategy. We want to test and measure the difference a pathway focused on a patient’s skills, knowledge and confidence can have on patient centred and clinical outcomes.

Kidney care is one of the key priorities and will be a key focus for this work. If you would like to discuss further please contact Patricia Muramatsu or Sue Shaw.


Other news – for information


Progress in Implementation of End of Life Care Co-ordination (EPaCCS)

An NHS England funded taskforce focused on overcoming barriers to implementation of EPaCCS (Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems that enable the recording/sharing of people’s care preferences and key details about their care at the end of life) has been working with CCGs to provide technical and clinical expertise supported by NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ).

The key learning and implementation advice is detailed in a fact sheet. For further information please email Anita Hayes.

Further information about how EPaCCS is used nationally and its impact on supporting people to die in their preferred place of care, can be found on the NHS IQ website.


Flu patient information leaflets now available

The following leaflets have now been published online and hard copies can be ordered through the orderline or by phoning 0300 123 1002 and quoting the reference numbers on the back pages.

  • Flu, your pregnancy and you – It’s important that expectant mothers are protected against flu, at whatever stage they are in during their pregnancy. This leaflet explains why it’s important and what pregnant women need to do to get protected.
  • The flu vaccination – winter 2014/15 – This leaflet describes the symptoms and cause of flu and who should have the vaccination this coming winter.

Further resources targeting patients, such as posters, will be available in September – more information will be included in this bulletin. Colleagues should be aware that NHS Employers’ Flu Fighter campaign is aimed at healthcare professionals, and therefore these resources are not suitable for use with patient groups.


Meningococcal C (MenC) vaccine – updated information about the ‘freshers’ dose

Further to PHE’s announcement in March 2014, PHE has now formerly launched the 4-year MenC vaccination catch-up programme for new students. ‘Freshers’ between the ages of 17 and 25 years are asked to actively request the vaccination, ideally from existing family GPs, at least two weeks in advance of starting university. Those who have never received the MenC vaccination or were previously vaccinated at pre-school age are also eligible. GPs are not required to identify or contact prospective patients.

Events and Campaigns


NHS England’s Annual General Meeting

18 September 2014, 17:30 – 19:30

Churchill room, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE

NHS England is holding its second Annual General Meeting on 18 September 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, starting at 17.30 with registration from 17.00. If you would like to attend please register.

The Board of NHS England is committed to involving patients and the public directly in the development of our plans; encouraging and supporting active participation in improving care and services; and promoting openness and transparency both in the way we work and in information we provide about the work we do. advisory group open meeting Saturday 6 September, London, 10.30-2pm

The Chair of the advisory group, Ciarán Devane is hosting a 2nd public session about the work under development to inform and assure

This advisory group session will share the findings of the first meeting (26 July) and will be used to shape the group’s response and guidance on the future of and the wider data sharing agenda.

This event is for health bodies and organisations representing a wider constituency. See the One East Midlands website for more information and to book your place.

More open meetings hosted by the advisory group will follow in pathfinder areas.


Invitation to the Annual Self Care Conference on 10 November 2014

Is your CCG engaged in supporting people to look after their own health?  Does your CCG have the solution to empower people to understand their health needs, whether it’s preventing ill health, treating common ailments or encouraging self-management of long term conditions?

CCGs are invited to come and find out more about Self Care through attending the 16th Annual Self Care Conference on 10 November 2014 at the RCN in London. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘solutions for demand management’.

To find out more or book your free place, please contact Lorraine Berry


Get planning for Self Care Week!

This year’s national awareness campaign will run from 17 – 23 November and has the theme “Self care for life – be healthy this winter”.   The campaign aims to support people to take better care of themselves, particularly during winter, when seasonal illnesses are more prolific and people’s health suffers as a consequence.

If you want to help increase the health literacy of your CCG population and support people in understanding how to self-care for life, please get involved in the campaign.

The Self Care Forum has produced a communications packthat includes information and ideas on what CCGs can do to help support Self Care Week.


Violence against women and girls, regional commissioning events – September to November 2014

The Home Office are hosting six regional commissioning conferences, from September to November 2014. These will bring together local commissioners with responsibility for commissioning services for Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) to look at ways in which joint working can better support victims in a challenging and changing landscape. Reducing VAWG is a key Government priority.

We are keen to ensure that CCGs are represented at the events:

  • 11 September, North West region, venue – Manchester
  • 23 September, North East, Yorkshire and Humber region, venue- Newcastle
  • 14 October, Midlands region, venue- Birmingham
  • 23 October, South East region, venue- Brighton
  • 11 November, East region, venue- Cambridge
  • 27 November, South West region, venue- Exeter

Although free to attend, places are limited so please indicate your interest by emailing the VAWG Commissioning team.


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