Bulletin for CCGs: Issue 67, 11 September 2014

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NHS Commissioning Assembly news:

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Integrated Personal Commissioning

NHS England, the Local Government Association, Think Local Act Personal and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services formally invited health and social care leaders to help build a new integrated and personalised commissioning approach for people with complex needs. Integrated Personal Commissioning is a new voluntary approach to joining up health and social care for people with complex needs. This proposal makes a triple offer to service users, local commissioners and the voluntary sector to bring health and social care spend together at the level of the individual. Service users will be offered power and improved support to shape care that is meaningful to them. Local authorities and NHS commissioners, and providers will be offered dedicated technical support, coupled with regulatory and financial flexibilities to enable integration. The voluntary sector will be a key partner in designing effective approaches, supporting individuals and driving cultural change.


NHS Commissioning Assembly news:


Showcase the work of your CCG at the NHS Commissioning Assembly event

CCGs are invited to exhibit examples of best practice and innovation at the NHS Commissioning Assembly event on 30 September 2014.

The Assembly annual event is the only time in the year when commissioning leaders from across England come together to network and work collectively on solutions to a range of issues. An important element of the day is the opportunity to share examples of best practice and innovative work.

If your CCG has examples of work that you would like to share at the event, please contact us by Friday 19 September.


Opportunity to showcase examples of best practice in improving patient experience

The NHS Commissioning Assembly Quality and Outcomes Working Group, on behalf of the National Quality Board (NQB), is offering CCGs the opportunity to showcase examples of best practice to be included in a joint narrative on experiences of care to be published by NHS England.

CCGs are encouraged to put forward case studies which illustrate one of four factors that have been shown to contribute to improvements in the quality of care:

  1. Meaningful involvement and engagement of service users, their families and the public throughout the process of designing and running services
  2. Role of senior leadership
  3. Use of data/intelligence
  4. Engaging your workforce in improving patient experience, through appraisal, induction, and staff engagement.

Please send responses to Anna Baranski by 17 September, highlighting which of the four factors the example relates to, what has been done, and the outcome achieved.


Strategic issues:


Update on primary care co-commissioning

We have received a significant number of expressions of interest from CCGs to co-commission primary care. A primary care co-commissioning programme oversight group has been established, co-chaired by the National Director for Commissioning Strategy Ian Dodge and Chief Clinical Officer for NHS Blackpool CCG Dr Amanda Doyle, to take forward this agenda.

Find out about the co-commissioning programme and next steps in the letter from Ian Dodge and Dr Amanda Doyle.

For further information please email the co-commissioning mailbox.


Tell us what you need to buy from the Commissioning Support Lead Provider Framework (LPF)

Thank you to all the CCGs who have completed the survey so far – we really value your comments. We will continue to engage with you on providing support for the framework to ensure it is easy to use before it goes live in January next year.

We have also extended the deadline until 30 September to encourage every CCG to tell us what practical procurement and legal support you require to use the framework.  Please take five minutes to complete the survey.

Further information on the LPF is available on the NHS England website.


Reimbursement of urgent and emergency care: discussion document on options for reform

NHS England and Monitor have published a discussion document setting out current thinking on options for reforming the urgent and emergency care payment approach.

It is planned to further develop payment options in close collaboration with commissioners and providers. Anyone interested in getting involved in this work should e-mail the NHS England Pricing Team.


Operational issues – for action:


Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) Commissioning for Compliance Guide

The MCA empowers and protects people who may not be able to make some decisions for themselves.  The House of Lords identified significant issues with the implementation of the Act across health and social care with too many people denied their legal rights.  CCGs have a duty to ensure that healthcare providers understand the Act, apply it to practice and monitor compliance.  NHS England has prepared a guide for CCGs which provides a framework for discharging this duty.

A small number of these guides will be distributed to all CCGs and an electronic version is available.


Joint Health and Social Care Learning Disability Self-Assessment Framework (SAF)

It is almost time for the annual SAF process for people with learning disabilities to begin. The guidance and governance arrangements for this process will be available on the PHE IHAL website in the week commencing 15 September. A joint letter from NHS England and ADASS launching the process can be found here. All CCG Clinical Leads, Accountable Officers and Area Team Directors are asked to read the letter and take action as required.

The results of the 2013/ 2014 SAF have now been collated and published on the IHAL website.


Downloadable version of the Carers’ Survey on the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks for Adults with Learning Disabilities

In the last CCG bulletin there was an online link to the Carers’ Survey on the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks for adults with Learning Disabilities.  Due to the interest in the survey, please find a link to a downloadable version (hard copy) of the survey.

We are asking colleagues in CCGs to circulate the survey including hardcopies to families and/or carers of patients with learning disabilities in their CCG areas.

The survey will give individuals with a learning disability and their carers the opportunity to give their reasons for non-attendance.  Please ensure completed hardcopies are returned to: Dr Margaret Tyson, 30 Printers Drive, Strines, Stockport, SK6 6GT by 31 December 2014.

For further information about the survey please contact Margaret Tyson.


Updated guidance for the Assuring Transformation Data Collection to provide assurance on the progress of NHS commitments in the Winterbourne View Concordat

There is updated guidance for the 30 September NHS England Assuring Transformation data collection.  This collection is to provide assurance on the progress of NHS commitments in the Winterbourne View Concordat.

The deadline for returns is 14 October.

For further information please contact the Winterbourne View Data mailbox.


Dementia Diagnosis Rates

NHS England has an ambition that two thirds of the estimated number of people with dementia should have a diagnosis by March 2015.  Latest HSCIC data indicates that that there is still a great deal of work to be done. In order to help CCGs and practices understand the relative contribution they can make, NHS England will be writing to every CCG in September. The letter will detail diagnosis rates at CCG and practice level; with links to resources and will ask CCGs to share this information with practices.


Other news – for information:


No Assumptions- A Narrative for Personalised, Coordinated Care and Support in Mental Health

NHS England in partnership with Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and National Voices  have published “No Assumptions- A Narrative for Personalised, Coordinated Care and Support in Mental Health”. The narrative describes the critical outcomes and success factors in the care, support and treatment of people who use mental health services, from their perspective.

The document should help commissioners and service providers to organise person centred care and recovery oriented support for mental and physical health.


The ‘right to have’ a personal health budget: new guidance published

Adults eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and children in receipt of continuing healthcare already have a ‘right to ask’ for a personal health budget, and this becomes a ‘right to have’ from October 2014.  NHS England have now published guidance to support commissioners in understanding the new responsibilities associated with the right to have a personal health budget.


NHS England works with partners to produce commissioning guide for sexual health, reproductive health, and HIV services

NHS England has worked with Public Health England, the Department of Health, and the Local Government Association, to produce guidance for commissioners across the system who work in sexual health, reproductive health, and HIV services. The aim of the guidance is to clarify the different roles and responsibilities of organisations, and to promote collaboration and best practice.


Patient Online: digital clinical champions appointed to support CCGs

The Patient Online programme is supporting GP practices to offer and promote online services to patients, including access to records, appointment booking and repeat prescriptions.

The programme is moving into its national implementation phase, with the appointment of 10 digital clinical champions (DCCs); doctors and nurses from across the NHS with experience of Patient Online services.

We hope to work with CCGs (as the budget-holders for GP IT) to identify locations that may require attention or support in implementing online services. You will receive a letter from your local DCC which will aim to find out what support you require in your area and how to move this work forward.


New Congenital Heart Disease review consultation

The 12-week  public consultation by NHS England on draft standards and specification of children and adult congenital heart disease (CHD) services is currently being planned to launch on 15 September 2014.

The consultation document, full details and supporting materials will be available from the NHS England website here once the consultation  ‘goes live’.

For further information please contact:


Updated MRSA Screening Guidance (England)

CCGs should be aware that guidance for MRSA screening has changed.  Latest advice from the Department of Health advisory committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections (ARHAI) is a more focused, cost-effective approach to MRSA screening whilst concentrating on reducing infections and improving patient health.

Please view the updated guidance.


Events and Campaigns:


CCG Talent Management and Succession Planning events

To help with succession planning, the NHS Leadership Academy has recently launched its online NHS Talent Management Hub, together with the Healthcare Leadership Model and assessment tools, which provide a full toolkit for CCGs to develop and plan its current and future workforce. In order for CCGs to learn more about talent management, succession planning and the resources, NHS England and the NHS Leadership Academy are holding 3 CCG-focussed regional events on 16th October in Leeds, 5th November in Birmingham and 19th November in London (for both South and London regions).


Choice and Competition workshops – September 2014 to March 2015

Monitor are running a series of workshops around England which will focus on practical support and advice for commissioners on procurement, choice and competition, drawing on real examples of commissioning decisions.

Developed from commissioner feedback, they reflect the comments and questions commissioners have raised with us about competition and patient choice since our successful events earlier this year.

Please see the event page to book a place or for further information.


Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme regional workshops

The Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme’s next series of regional workshops are aimed at helping areas to develop creative and innovative solutions to housing, in partnership with the Housing and Support Alliance.

The workshops are for both commissioners and providers of services for people with learning disabilities. They aim to jointly plan better housing options for people with a learning disability and/or autism and discuss the strategic implementation of these plans. They also give people the opportunity to build relationships with partners.

Further information is available on the LGA website.


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