Survey on patient choice of outpatient appointment

NHS England and Monitor have published the results of an annual online survey about patients’ experience of their legal right around choice of outpatient appointment.

This year’s survey, carried out by Populus, interviewed 6,989 adults in England of which 2,729 had been referred for an outpatient appointment by their GP within the last year. It shows that 40 per cent of patients say there were offered a choice of hospital or clinic for their first outpatient appointment, an increase of two per cent from last year.

The survey helps provide a useful insight into where improvements are needed to promote choice in the NHS and can be viewed here.


  1. Rosey ali says:

    I wanting to ask why u are closing Huddersfield hospital and there are other countries with hospitals running fine. Do you think there are too many people in this country on benefits and population wise. But the people who pay tax and work full time, they deserve your facilities. If the Huddersfield hospital is closing then it will be very hard for us in halifax. It’s the government job to facilitate health issue. Other poor countries have hospital but they never close it down.

    I’m happy with doctors but when it’s busy it will cause us people living halifax trouble.


  2. carole bell says:

    I am unable to use this facility properly as there are not all the options on my c + b screen. I need a phone number to contact them to sort this out.

  3. Nancy Jirira says:

    I was interested to read about the project that Katie Walkin is involved with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services. In my local borough in an inner city area.Health Visitors obtaing details of every family following the birth of their child and with their consent forward this to the local Fire Brigade Unit who follow up each referral with a Fire Safety visit.
    This is to ensure that every home with a new baby has a cj=hecked and working Fire Alarm.
    Following a fire across our Health Centre in a Council flat I have been twitting that ALL Council Accommodation should be Fire Safety Audited every 3 years as a minimum standard. However local FBU might discontinue this service. Can someone tell me whether in the long run the cost benefit analysis justifies the discontinuing of the collaboration with FBU?