Everyone’s a winner with PHBs – James Sanderson

In the latest of a series of blogs on Personal Health Budgets, NHS England’s Director of Personalisation and Choice explains why the choice agenda is so important for disabled people and those with long term conditions – whether it’s the small everyday lifestyle decisions we make, or the crucial conversations when people are facing the end of their life:

I don’t like lying in at the weekend.

Getting up early most days to tackle a long commute has programmed me to embrace the first signs of daylight.  It is also a calm time of the day, with the children still asleep the daily dramas are yet to begin, and a quiet cup of tea whilst catching up on the news or answering a few emails has almost a serene quality about it.

I recognise that these relatively simple things, these choices I am able to make about my mornings, are not things to take for granted.  Some people might find getting up early at the weekend a strange decision, but regardless of what decision is taken having choice and control in your life is essential for personal wellbeing and general health.  It is however still the case that many disabled people, or people with long term conditions can be robbed of the basic choices that we take for granted.

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