Provider bulletin: 19 December 2018

This weekly newsletter is sent to NHS providers’ chairs, chief executives, finance, medical, nursing and HR directors, and board secretaries.

For action

Have your say on the national patient safety strategy for the NHS

A national patient safety strategy is being developed alongside the NHS Long Term Plan and will be relevant to all parts of the NHS.

We’re running a consultation until Friday 15 February, and we’d like to hear what you think to make sure the strategy works for both patients and staff.

Give your views on the draft standard ambulance vehicle specification

Working with our fleet managers and paramedics, we have developed a standard vehicle specification to support our ambulance services improve the quality and efficiency of our fleet.

We’d like you to let us know what you think of the draft specification. The consultation closes on Friday 1 February, and after reviewing all consultation responses, we aim to publish our standard specification in early spring 2019.

Monthly finance return: technical guidance update — overseas visitors income

We’ve noticed some trusts using incorrect or inconsistent approaches to reporting overseas income on the monthly finance return sent to us. Directors of finance, please cascade the following information to your senior finance staff responsible for the completion of the return as well as your overseas visitors manager.

What needs to be reported in cell AH20 in tab ’08. Op Inc (source)’ of the monthly finance return is only:

  • invoiced income in 2018/19 less any credit notes raised against previously raised invoices

Please do not include:

  • deductions in respect of write-offs or amounts added to provision for bad debts
  • EHIC, S1 and S2 income identified and reported over the OVT Portal and billed to commissioners
  • Risk Share income from the commissioner

Please note, cash collected, amounts added to provision for bad debts, and amounts written off are only reported in your final accounts at year end.

Mental health trusts invited to enter garden competition

Mental health trusts have been invited to enter the 2019 competition to win the Royal Horticultural Society Garden. The garden will be designed by a leading horticulturalist, redesigned for the winning trust and relocated to its site following the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2019. An entry pack was sent to trusts on 13 December, with the terms and conditions, invitation letter, entry form and case studies.

The competition closes at midnight on 18 January 2019. Please contact with any questions about the competition.

For information

New outpatients diagnostic dashboard

Our outpatients diagnostic dashboard (you can register on our website) provides analysis and benchmarking of outpatient activity across 112 trusts nationwide. All trusts can now access the dashboard and view high-level trust analysis.

If your trust is participating in our outpatient improvement programme and you’ve submitted data, you can benchmark your trust against selected peers across three domains (productivity, capacity release and digital improvement opportunities) to help identify potential outpatient efficiency and productivity improvements.

Once you’ve registered, you can then access the dashboard.


Medical device safety officer (MDSO) and medication safety officer (MSO) conference 2019

Thursday 31 January, 10am – 4pm, London

This event, jointly organised by us and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, will explore key themes in the patient safety arena, with a particular focus on collaboration between MDSOs and MSOs to meet the patient safety agenda across all organisations.

Please note this event is only open to medical device safety officers and medication safety officers. Medical directors, please share this event with them.

Updates from our partners

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Tax avoidance loan schemes and the loan charge

Loan schemes, otherwise known as ‘disguised remuneration’ schemes, are used to avoid paying Income Tax and National Insurance. A charge on outstanding disguised remuneration loans, known as the 2019 loan charge, has been introduced and will apply to users of these schemes who have an outstanding balance and have not agreed a settlement with HMRC by 5 April 2019.

HMRC published information on the loan charge, including a Spotlight on how to identify non-compliant umbrella companies.

Please encourage any contractors, bank or agency staff you employ to read through this information and contact HMRC if they are concerned.

NHS Leadership Academy

Event: Being a Chief Executive ‘Growing Talent and Future Leadership’

Thursday 17 and Friday 18 January, Leeds

The Chief Executive Development Network is a valuable opportunity to network, make partnerships and immerse yourself in two days of development specific to your role as a chief executive. We will explore and discuss:

  • how to grow the talent and leadership in the team around you — to support you now and in the future
  • the type of leadership that will be needed in the future — what’s likely to be different and the same as now
  • if we need ‘different’ leadership, how to encourage ‘different people’ and link this to developing culture, building high performing executive teams and to greater inclusion and representation at senior level

Register now.

NHS England

Shared decision making — conversations that matter

Free ‘train the trainer’ courses are now available for providers wanting to develop skills in shared decision making. The NHS is looking for existing trainers to become shared decision making trainers to provide training to clinicians, other health and care professionals and commissioners.

This bespoke training, delivered by the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), will encourage thinking about whether different conversations can achieve different outcomes focused on what really matters to patients, and will cover:

  • what shared decision making is and isn’t
  • why it’s important
  • the key enablers required for implementation into clinical practice

The dates are as follows:

  • cohort one: 6/7 February and 19 March: Leeds
  • cohort two: 2/13 February and 27 March: London
  • cohort three: 6/7 March and 30 April: Birmingham
  • cohort four: 17/18 April and 16 May: London or south west (tbc)
  • cohort five: 8/9 May and 22 May: London

Please email for further information.

NHS England/Specialist Pharmacy Service

Latest information to support the implementation of biosimilar versions of adalimumab

Biosimilar versions of the original biological medicine adalimumab (brand name Humira) have now been introduced in the NHS as part of a formal framework agreement from December, after the patent for Humira expired in October.

The latest briefing from the Specialist Pharmacy Service provides important details for implementation of best value adalimumab products. NHS England has accepted bids from five manufacturers and put in place a national framework agreement for the supply of adalimumab injections in the NHS.

Find out how you can implement the use of biosimilars using these resources.

The Royal College of Pathologists

National conference on the introduction of the medical examiner system

Wednesday 30 January, Birmingham

The introduction of local medical examiner services will be phased over the course of 2019/20. This event for acute trusts will provide further information on funding and setting up a local medical examiner service. Medical directors are encouraged to send a representative from their trust.

If your trust does not have a service already in place, you may want to wait for further information before undertaking detailed planning or recruitment.

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