Provider bulletin: 27 February 2019

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For action

Cyber security third party patching evaluation 2019/20

There are currently various outsourced IT contracts in place across NHS providers and we would like a national overview so we, and NHS England, can better support you with assurance processes. To do this, we need an understanding of the reliance you are placing on third parties for critical IT upgrades and patch management.

Please ask your chief information officer (or equivalent) to complete this short survey by Friday 15 March. We need a response please from all providers, even if there are no outsourced contracts in place.

EU Exit data guidance

Professor Keith Willett, EU Exit Strategic Commander, and Dawn Monaghan, Head of Data Sharing and Privacy (NHS England), Head of Strategic Infrmation Governance (NHS Digital) and Director Information Governance Alliance, have written to NHS organisations to provide guidance on the actions you need to take to ensure continuity of access to, processing and sharing of personal data as part of the government’s contingency preparations for a no deal exit. FAQs have also been published.

All organisations need to review their data flows and contracts to understand what data is sent and received from overseas. Please share this information with your information governance leads.

For information

Planning for a ‘no deal’ EU Exit — medicines supply update

NHS England has published updated information on planning for continuity of supply of medicines in the case of a ‘no deal’ EU Exit. This information also includes supporting Q&As which may be helpful in any discussion with patients about their medicines and medical products.

The NHS website has also been updated with some patient facing information on medicines supply.

In addition, Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health, has also written to the NHS, adult social care, royal colleges and charities to provide an update on work to ensure the continuity of supply of medicines and medical products in the event the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

Result of the consultation on proposals for the 2019/20 national tariff

Following the end of the statutory consultation period on proposals for the 2019/20 national tariff, we can confirm the objection thresholds were not met. Over the next few weeks we, alongside NHS England, will be considering the feedback we received.

Guide to the NHS electronic staff record (ESR) — ensure your allied health professions are counted

This new guide will support your chief allied health professionals (AHP) to understand how they can use the ESR system to contribute to a true reflection of the AHP workforce in the NHS.

This information is an essential component, informing workforce decisions both at a day-to-day level and strategically for the longer-term plan for AHPs to deliver patient care.

Please share this with your chief AHPs to make sure your AHPs are counted.

Resources to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections are a known source of E. coli blood stream infections. These new resources will help you reduce instances of catheter-associated urinary tract infections, a key target in the new five-year action plan on antimicrobial resistance. The collection includes a national catheter passport, a national inpatient care plan, a patient held card and staff promotional tools.

Talent management programme for aspiring deputy directors of nursing

Our new programme for aspiring deputy directors of nursing at the University of Hertfordshire is an opportunity for senior nursing professionals to learn about excelling as a leader, quality enhancement and navigating change.

This residential course, starting in May 2019, consists of three blocks of three days supplemented with online learning activities. It will feature action learning sets, working in pairs and groups, peer reviews and 1:1 coaching. Each block will also include a group dinner with an invited speaker.

Encourage staff to apply and find out more by emailing Laura Davidson-Dean on

Guidance published to help trusts identify recurrent cost improvement plan (CIP) opportunities

To help you identify recurrent CIP opportunities to develop and deliver your 2019/20 CIP plans, you can use our new Model Hospital opportunity guidance and Carter efficiency guidance.

These tools will help you and your teams maximise the value of the digital tool, so your plan is underpinned with data and a robust evidence base and includes opportunities across the main areas of your trust.

For additional support, contact our regional productivity teams by emailing


An NHS workforce for the future

Tuesday 5 March, London, 10am-4pm

An event for NHS chief executives, chairs, HR, medical and nursing directors and clinical leads (as well as CCG accountable officers, primary care leaders and selected stakeholders) on the NHS workforce implementation plan.

Dido Harding, Chair of NHS Improvement, and Julian Hartley, Chief Executive of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, will lead the day where we will be seeking your opinions, ideas and your steer on which areas will have the most impact for the people in your organisations and across the NHS.

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