Provider bulletin: 5 December 2019

This weekly newsletter is sent to NHS providers’ chairs, chief executives, finance, medical, nursing and HR directors, and board secretaries.

For action

National Patient Safety Alert: risk of patients ingesting superabsorbent polymer gel granules

We have issued a National Patient Safety Alert around the risk of ingesting superabsorbent polymer gel granules. The granules reduce spillage on bedding and clothing when patients use urine bottles or vomit bowls, or staff move fluid-filled containers, but if put in the mouth, expand on contact with saliva and risk obstructing airways.

If you are still using these products, please protect patients with strict restrictions on their use.

New post-polypectomy and post-colorectal cancer resection surveillance guidelines

New guidance on polyp surveillance could reduce the demand for surveillance colonoscopy in symptomatic services by up to 70% and support service availability over winter.

Through Cancer Alliances we have asked symptomatic services in trusts with a colonoscopy service to nominate a consultant ‘trust surveillance lead’ with implementation of the guidance in their job plan by Thursday 19 December 2019. PHE has sent separate communications to screening services.

For information

Deadlines for accounts and monthly monitoring for 2019/20

Last week we wrote to finance directors setting out the timetable for annual reports and accounts for 2019/20 and monthly monitoring for the rest of the year.

Please check that your finance teams are aware of these important dates for the rest of this financial year.

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