Seven day services – NHS Improving Quality

NHS England is working in partnership with NHS Improving Quality to drive improvement and change expertise, to improve health outcomes for people across the NHS in England.  It will have its own seven day services improvement programme across England.  Using an improvement methodology and the NHS Change model, NHS Improving Quality will work with key stakeholders and healthcare organisations to support and  build the body of evidence on  ‘how to’  implement and embed service models, which deliver services seven days a week. NHS organisations will be supported to build their capability and capacity to change. The body of evidence will include practical examples of where seven day services have been delivered and sustained, enabling lessons to be learnt and transformational change across England.

 NHS Improving Quality aims to:

  • Spread seven day service models at scale and pace across the NHS in England
  • Baseline review the extent to which seven day services have already been adopted by the NHS
  • Test evidence of the impact of seven day service models and transferability across the NHS
  • Evaluate and capture learning to support wider adoption of seven day service models across England
  • Evidence patient and public views helping to shape future services.

NHS Improving Quality will provide further information and details on its web pages over the next few weeks.

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