Leadership and management

Leadership and management are key enablers of your workforce strategy and a good place to begin to solve the challenge of improving health and wellbeing.

Research tells us that line managers have four-times the impact on health and wellbeing than any other critical intervention. If we do not equip our line managers to have constructive, culturally sensitive, psychologically and trauma-aware conversations to support their people, everything else will likely fail to achieve its full potential.

Having strong leadership, clear communication and examples of good practice on how to manage any backlogs are central to how confident colleagues feel about restoring NHS services.

Our learning from the Improving Health and Wellbeing Programme tells us that the organisations who see the most improvement are the ones where their whole Board understands the importance and potential impact of good health and wellbeing and who role model the positive behaviours they expect to see from others.

On this page you can find specific resources aimed at assisting your work in this area.