Clinical Entrepreneur training programme: frequently asked questions

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions or contact the Clinical Entrepreneur teamĀ for information or advice.

All healthcare and/or NHS staff are welcome to apply. This includes those in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

This programme is a workforce development programme therefore it is focused on developing you as an individual entrepreneur/innovator. Your co-founder can apply separately, and your applications will be assessed independently from one another.

Yes, we welcome applications from those with an innovative idea, provided this has been given careful consideration. Likewise, we welcome applications from those with a more mature innovation already in market, and all phases in between.

Currently, this programme does not seek to claim any intellectual property.

To be able to submit an application, you will need to register to the Research Management System application portal. Appendix 1 details instructions on how to use the portal. Please note that when you register on the portal, a member of the team will need to validate your account before you are able to start your application. Accounts will be validated Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Only organisational email addresses will be validated so please do not register using personal email addresses. Once logged into your account, you can then begin your application from the portal home page. Please only submit your application via the portal. Applications submitted by post, email, or any other method will not be accepted.

Applications will initially be assessed by at least two reviewers who will score your application independently and provide a recommendation on whether your application should be accepted onto the programme. An average score will be calculated. Applicants will get accepted onto the programme if they meet the agreed scoring threshold and assessors reach a consensus to offer them a place. You may be invited to join a brief video call with two assessors to answer any clarifying questions. All applications will be reviewed by a validation committee (and a sample moderated by equality, diversity and inclusion representatives) to ensure that decisions to offer or to not offer a place onto the programme this year are fair and justified.

Your application will be assessed by at least two reviewers from a pool of assessors that include existing clinical entrepreneur fellows and alumni, programme mentors, and other stakeholders representing clinical, commercial and NHS perspectives. All assessors, moderators and validators will be asked to declare any known ‘conflicts of interest’ to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s programme team. As your application will be assessed by a range of people from different backgrounds and specialities, it needs to be accessible. Please keep the use of acronyms to a minimum. If you do choose to use an acronym you should define it when first used.

All information disclosed via the application process will be kept strictly confidential. Assessors, moderators and validators will not share any of the information they are privy to through the application process and will keep all information safe and secure. However, you are still advised to not disclose any information that is potentially patentable. Rather, we recommend you only provide the more general information about your idea/innovation.

Please ensure you complete all sections of the application fully. Incomplete applications will not be assessed. The only exception is if you have not included your references. This information can be collected at a later date, but please note that assessors are advised to refer to your CV and references when scoring your application.

Yes, you do not have to complete your application all in one sitting. You may save your application using the ‘save and close’ button and complete/amend your application at a later date (before the submission deadline). We recommend that you save your work regularly to minimise the risk of losing work due to any local computer or internet problems.

No, please only submit one application and ensure all information provided is complete and accurate. Throughout your application, you are advised to provide responses that are comprehensive, highly relevant and clearly articulated with compelling evidence and examples presented, where necessary.

If your application is successful, you will be notified and sent an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Agreement which must be signed and returned in order to accept your place onto the programme. This document will set out the terms of your place on the programme.

We aim to notify all candidates about the outcome of their application by January 2021.

This programme does not directly offer any funding or grants. The programme focuses on mentoring, education, and networking. However, the programme can help signpost/connect you with organisations that may be able to assist with funding.

The time commitment varies. The more engaged you are with the programme the greater the benefit. The minimum commitment is attendance at half of the scheduled group educational events (there are usually seven per year, but this may vary due to COVID-19); four interactions with your assigned mentor; the completion of learning documents such as an action plan, personal development plan and lean canvas; and the provision of periodic progress updates.

Due to the number of applications we received, we will be unable to provide detailed feedback on individual applications but will endeavour to provide as much information as possible on request.