Annual General Meeting 2015

This year’s NHS England Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 21 October. One year on from the launch of the Five Year Forward View, the event discussed progress made over the last 12 months towards delivering on our shared plan for better health, more personalised care, and a financially sustainable health service. It also provided the opportunity to hear about some of the new initiatives the NHS is working on and how it plans to address future challenges.

NHS England’s Chair Sir Malcolm Grant and Chief Executive Simon Stevens opened the meeting and Chief Financial Officer Paul Baumann presented this year’s Annual Report and Accounts.

Reflecting on progress over the last year, Simon Stevens commented on the “enormous energy unleashed at every level of the system” and highlighted key achievements including:

  • developing clear roadmaps for improvement in cancer, maternity, mental health and learning disability services;
  • breaking down barriers between primary and specialist services, between physical and mental health services and between health and social care;
  • new investment in primary care infrastructure, new support for skills, including clinical pharmacists, and steps to improve the attractiveness of general practice for new doctors; and
  • work on 50 ‘vanguards’ – identified sites taking the lead on developing new ways of delivering care in order to spread good practice across the country – a programme of work led by Sam Jones, Director of New Models of Care Programme for NHS England, and Jim McKay, new Chief Executive of NHS Improvement.

Looking to the future, Simon Stevens emphasised the joint-working with NHS Improvement, the Care Quality Commission and other national leadership bodies to “square three circles” over the next five years:

  • balancing the act of planning for 2016/17 with the need for longer-term planning for 2020;
  • looking at performance of individual organisations but also place-based, whole-systems working; and
  • sustaining the local energy of the vanguard programmes while ensuring changed behaviours and aligned leadership at a national level.

Senior NHS leaders from across the country then took part in open panel discussions around the Five Year Forward View and five priority health areas – mental health, cancer, obesity, diabetes and people with learning disabilities.

The AGM generated a number of questions, answers to which have now been posted.

Video of the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was broadcast live as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible.

A copy of the transcript is available to view.