Allied health professionals into action: next chapter

In 2017 we published our first strategy – Allied health professions (AHPs) into action, which identified the transformative potential of  AHPs and provided a framework demonstrating how the AHP workforce could support the NHS. As AHPs it set out our collective commitments and priorities to deliver significant impacts for patients, their carers, and communities. Two years later, the NHS Long Term Plan committed to “further develop the national AHP strategy, AHPs into action, to focus on the delivery of the Long Term Plan”.

After strategy development was paused in 2020 in response to the pandemic, work has now resumed in 2021 and the strategy to replace AHPs into action is currently being created.

Approach to strategy development

The strategy is being co-created with citizens, the AHP community and other health professionals in three engagement phases.

The first engagement phase is through an online conversation with citizens to gain their views and ideas about how they would like to receive and experience health and social care.

The second engagement phase is through an online crowdsource with AHPs, to respond to the citizen voice, and have their say in how health and care services should be delivered.

The final engagement phase is with citizens, the AHP community and other health professionals, presenting final themes and findings for a ‘check and challenge’ before contributions from all three conversations are used to support the writing of the next AHP Strategy for England.

Due to the pandemic, engagement has moved to a wholly virtual space. To ensure we do not exacerbate health inequalities and miss the voice of key groups in our engagement, additional measures are being taken to ensure inclusion and support access. Details of these activities can be read in our Allied Health Professions listen: Inclusion and collaboration blog.

Once engagement activities conclude at the end of July 2021, the strategy will be developed and will span 2022 to 2027.

Publication date

The strategy will be ready for launch in Spring 2022.

Get involved

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