Always Events® Journey

Benefits to using Always Events®

There are many benefits to using Always Events® in your organisation.  We believe it puts patients, service users and their families/carers at the centre of their experience of care.  It reconnects staff to their core purpose, helps to improve the right things together and makes those improvements sustainable.

What’s expected of you?

  • Executive support – identified leadership at Board level to support the programme and be a real champion for working in this way.
  • Active participation in any site visits, coaching calls, leadership calls, and all-site calls
  • Active engagement of patients, families, and service users in co-designing Always Events
  • Team to advance Always Events® work
  • Active testing on Always Events® components
  • Report data monthly via the online pages so the coaching team can better support you
  • Willingness to share successful efforts with other providers across England
  • Share successes and challenges to move the collective forward

There is a free programme of support available to providers who are actively using Always Events®.

Our next cohorts of trusts joining the programme launch in:

  • January 2018 – Central London
  • March 2018 – Location to be confirmed

Ready for the next step?

If you are ready to start your Always Events® journey or would like to know more about the commitment, expectation and support available please contact the Always Events® team at

Ready to Start Your Journey – Phase 1

You will have spoken with one of the team, attended a face to face cohort launch to meet like-minded people who are starting their Always Events® journey at a similar time and be thinking about your first phase.

You might find it helpful to watch Session 1 in our series of Webinars.

You will also find the Toolkit useful as we refer to the different pages throughout the journey

Start phase 1