Alex Hudson

Alex Hudson@NHS from 05/09/18 to 06/09/18

Twitter: @AHudsonNHS

Having graduated with a BSc in Statistics & Computing Alex first joined NHS Blood and Transplant as a Statistician specialising in the design and optimisation of organ allocation schemes such as the National Pancreas & Islet Allocation Scheme used today. During that time, Alex studied part time to obtain an MSc in Statistics & Management Science. Alex subsequently moved away from research to take on an operational management role. As the Head of Information Services, Alex was responsible for the National Transplant Lists, aspects of Human Tissue Act compliance and overseeing the collection of a range of transplant and post-transplant follow-up data. Alex spent a short time in a managerial role within North Bristol Trust responsible for dialysis, transplant and outpatient services before returning to NHSBT to become the Head of the NHS Organ Donor Register.