Alice Hutchinson

Alice Hutchinson@NHS from 5/08/19 to 9/08/19

Twitter handle: @alicehutch3990

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Staff

Condition or job title: Stroke Specialist Dietitian

Place of treatment/care or workplace: South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust (based at Sunderland Hospital)

I am a full-time Stroke Specialist Dietitian and work at the newly merged South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust. I work on the acute stroke unit three days per week where I complete nutritional assessments for patients and formulate treatment plans which may involve oral nutritional supplements, or tube feeding. I work closely with other members of the team and attend a weekly MDT meeting. At these meetings, I contribute to discussions about long-term feeding decisions for patients who may not be able to meet their nutritional requirements orally.

I work with the Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team two days per week, and visit patients in their own homes once discharged from hospital after their stroke. In the community, I see patients who may be tube fed at home, or require general nutrition support or healthy eating/weight management advice.

I also do a general clinic once monthly, and provide dietetic cover on the Integrated Critical Care Unit if needed. I am a staffside Trade Union representative for the British Dietetic Association, Health and Safety rep, and run a Journal Club in our department where research papers about nutrition related topics are critically appraised.

Outside of work, I love running, eating out and travelling back to Ireland to see my family and friends there.

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