Alice Rath

Alice Rath@NHS from 09/07/18 to 13/07/18

Twitter: @Alice_Rath

Job title: Digital Marketing Executive at Scope

Place of work: Scope

#HelloMyNameIs Alice! I was a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital for 12 years for a rare gastroenterological condition. Being a patient gave me some great opportunities to share my experience and improve services within the trust. I’m now a GOSH Governor, GOSH Charity Ambassador and a member of the NHS Youth Forum. I’m really excited to talk about what I’m working on to engage young people with the NHS. When I’m not out having a great time volunteering, I’m working at a wonderful charity called Scope, where I’m their Digital Marketing Executive.

I love my morning coffee’s and spending time with my gorgeous dog Milo, who’s great company after a long day at work!