Amy Overend

@NHS from 16/12/19 to 20/11/19

Twitter Handle: @amyoverend

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  NHS Staff & Patient

Condition or job title: Neonatal Intensive Care Senior Sister

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

I have worked in the NHS for over a decade as a nurse in both Adult and neonatal intensive care with a specialist interest in Neonatal Palliative, bereavement care and organ donation. As well as working clinically full time as a nurse, I am also a Trustee and Non-executive director of Bliss- the national charity for sick and premature babies. I am a member of the NHS Assembly, working to help implement the NHS Long Term Plan, and I also sit on the North West NHS Senate assembly. I work with the National Institute of Health Research as an expert reviewer. I have co-authored a book on Nursing Leadership and Management with Brian Dolan. I am currently working with NICE to develop a new guideline. I am a TED talk speaker and I am a co-creator of Humans of Healthcare- a new project launching next year.

I became a patient this year after becoming extremely unwell, and have first hand seen how incredible the NHS is. Following this journey, I wrote a blog to help me come to terms with what was happening and give an insight in to life on the other side of the uniform.

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