Anna Scott

Anna Scott@NHS from 14/10/19 to 18/10/19

Twitter handle: @annastamosis

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Medical student/ acetabular retroversion

Condition or job title: Southampton University + Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Southampton University + Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a second year medical student at the University of Southampton. My route into medicine isn’t perhaps typical as I only realised, I wanted to become a doctor when I was half-way through studying a different degree! Fortunately, I gained a place on a 4-year, accelerated medical degree which is designed specifically for graduates. When I was at school, I didn’t even realise programs like this existed and I want to show people that there are multiple paths into a medical career.


Back in 2018, a few weeks before I started medical school, I was diagnosed with a rare hip condition called “acetabular retroversion”. In June 2019 I had a left-sided triple pelvic osteotomy at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. I’m keen to raise awareness of hip conditions in young adults to hopefully reduce the time it takes for patients like me to receive a diagnosis.