Anthony John Clarkson

Anthony John Clarkson@NHS from 19/02/18 to 23/02/18

Twitter: @AJClarksonNHS

Job title: Assistant Director – Organ Donation and Nursing

Place of treatment: NHS Blood and Transplant

Anthony Clarkson qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1994, specialising in Head and Neck Surgery.  In 1997 he moved to work in the National Blood Service initially in both Blood and Live Tissue Donation.  In 2000 he expanded his role to include Deceased Tissue Donation, travelling to the USA to become a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist.  In 2005 he took on a national role managing all aspects of Tissue Donation and the Professional Leadership for the UK Eye Retrieval Scheme.  Gaining an MSc in Management Development he went on to become the Head of Clinical Development before taking up his current post as Assistant Director for Organ Donation in 2009.

As Assistant Director for Organ Donation and Nursing Anthony manages the 12 regional teams of Specialist Nurses in Organ Donation who facilitate deceased organ donation across the UK. Landmarks in Organ Donation during Anthony’s tenure include the 2013 achievement of a 50% increase in deceased donor rates since the Organ Donation Taskforce Report and the achievement in 2016/17 of the highest ever number of donors in the UK with 1314 Deceased Organ Donors and 3712 Transplants. In 2017 Anthony’s achievements were recognised when he was shortlisted for the Nursing Times Nurse Leader of the Year Award. In 2018 Anthony continues to lead his team to build upon that landmark success and save and improve even more lives.

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