Becky Rideout

Becky Rideout@NHS from 20/11/17 to 25/11/17  

Twitter: @RideoutBecky

Job title:  PA/Secretary in Pathology, carer to 14 year old daughter with autism & ADHD, I suffer with depression

Place of treatment/care or work: work – BHRUT, treatment – Havering CAMHS (daughter) GP/NELFT for depression

I am a PA/secretary in Pathology, specifically Blood Sciences, at Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust. I am also a mum to Jessica aged 14 who has autism & ADHD and attends a special school, stepmum to 22 year old Kieran who is an apprentice technician at Audi and wife to Kevin who is a Courier Transport Driver, also at BHRUT.

I was diagnosed with depression (having previously had postnatal depression) in June/July of this year and I’m still negotiating that rocky road. I was previously a musician and graduated from Goldsmiths’ College in 1997. I play the flute and used to sing – I even used to be a member of the BBC Symphony Chorus and took part in a Prom season many years ago. I enjoy baking, as do my family, friends and colleagues who get to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I was born in Luton where my parents still live near and I persist in my loyal support of Luton Town Football Club.

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