Bob Swindell, patient

Bob Swindell, @NHS curator@NHS from 09/01/17 to 13/01/17

Twitter: @fractis

Condition: Type 2 diabetes

Place of treatment: North London

Hi, my name is Bob and I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in May 2013. I live in North London with my partner and our rescue cat. I manage my diabetes with diet, exercise and oral medication. I’ve still got lots to learn about the condition and this drives my keen interest in the latest diabetes research. I sit on Diabetes UK’s Council of People Living with Diabetes and volunteer with NHS England London to help improve the care people with Diabetes receive.

When I was first diagnosed I felt very confused and isolated; reading about the experience of others and talking to people living well with diabetes has been life changing for me. This is why I am keen to share my experiences here. I also tweet as @fractis and I write an occasional blog.

Keeping fit is a key part of my self-management regime, and I am a keen runner and an occasional cyclist. I am passionate about getting other people with, or at risk of, diabetes exercising more and have recently started training as an England Athletics running coach. I am passionate about parkrun and can usually be found at Oak Hill parkrun at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning.

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