Charlotte Austin, patient

Charlotte Austin@NHS from 14/10/16 to 18/11/16

Condition: Type 1 diabetes

Twitter: @_CharlotteLA_

Place of treatment: Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM)

Not your average person with Type 1 diabetes…

I’m 28 years old, a Swansea native but now residing in London where I’m about to start a new role at a national charity in a research involvement capacity. Research and patient involvement is something I’m incredibly passionate about, inside and outside of work. On the subject of extra-curricular interests, I’m also training to be a professional wrestler at a wrestling school in south London (it’s called the ProJo and it’s pretty cool). It definitely brings out the best (or worst) aspects of that red-head Welsh fire. One of the main reasons that I do this is to show people of all ages that nothing is impossible.

Having been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1992 at the age of 3, I’ve lived for almost a quarter of a century with this condition and seen so many changes.

I’m pretty sure that having Type 1 diabetes has contributed to my ‘gadget queen’ qualities. Fortunately glucose testing meters have been around since I was diagnosed, and these days I get a new phone as often as I get a new (upgraded) meter!

When I’m not trying to ‘change the world’ through volunteering/entertaining/supporting, you might find me at the pub, in the gym with 100kg on the bar ready to squat, or spending time in Wales with my nephew and niece (who keep me on my toes and run rings around me). I wear many hats: they make me who I am today, but I’m not defined by just one…

  • Welsh
  • Aunty, sister, daughter
  • Wrestler
  • Weightlifter
  • Person with Type 1 diabetes

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