Clare Lyons-Collins

@NHS from 04/11/19 to 08/11/19

Twitter Handle: @clarelyonscoll1

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  NHS staff

Condition or job title: Head of Mental Health Policy

Place of treatment/care or workplace: NHS Improvement and NHS England

I have worked in the NHS for over 24 years initially as a HCA then as an Occupational Therapist specialising in stroke and head injury and then moving into mental health.

My Mum was a nurse and my Dad a GP so I have been around healthcare all my life.

I grew up in Co. Tipperary in Ireland and moved to London in 1992 for University.

I live in Wandsworth with my husband Peter and children Rebecca (10) and James (6). We have a busy life as an active family and we love Parkrun and all kind of sports.

I love fashion, style, music, good conversation and quiz shows- University Challenge being my favourite.

I spend most of my work life in mental health improvement supporting organisations to redesign sustainable services. I love the mixture of business and health, having completed a business degree and then an MBA at Henley Business School.

I was privileged to lead the development of Valued care in mental health: Improving for excellence on behalf of NHS Improvement and co-produced with nine mental health trusts in England.

I tweet about work, family and good practice across the NHS.

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