Connor Tomlinson

@NHS from 13/04/18 to 13/04/18

Twitter: @connorcjt

Job title: Member for the South of England

Place of work: NHS England Youth Forum

I am currently the member of the NHS England Youth Forum representing the South of England, having joined the forum in August 2017. I joined the forum to make a positive difference to young people in healthcare, after being shocked by failures in children’s mental health services across my region.

I passionately believe in promoting social action and volunteering opportunities for young people within the NHS, particularly ensuring these are open and accessible to people from harder to reach and disadvantaged backgrounds. I’m also a big supporter of compulsory first aid education in schools, having worked on the ‘Don’t Stop at 999’ campaign at the British Red Cross and campaigned for its implementation during my time as a Member of UK Youth Parliament. My passion for first aid led me to qualify as an Emergency First Aider.

In my spare time, I volunteer with the British Red Cross working in youth engagement and serve as an advisor to a number of youth-centred and educational charities, including the National Children’s Bureau and NSPCC. In 2017, I was made an ambassador to the #iwill campaign in recognition of my contribution to youth social action.