Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor@NHS from 7/08/17 to 11/08/17

Job title: Peer project development worker
Place of work: Calderdale, Kirklees, Barnsley and Wakefield

I am an artist and an inspirational speaker who talks about her incredible journey through the mental health system. I work for South West Yorkshire NHS Trust as a peer project development worker within the Creative Minds team. I am passionate about helping others to achieve more than they are led to believe and might think they can.

From being bed bound and heavily medicated to standing in front of crowds to enlighten and inspire their journey regardless of whom or where they are. I think everyone should be allowed hope, even in the darkest hours of mental illness. I want people to focus on wellness rather than illness, lets change perspectives in mental health. People can, and do live and work well with mental health, lets stand up and be counted.

I am also a mental health awareness, suicide awareness and prevention and anti-stigma campaigner and strive to improve services for those still in the system. Having never had a voice while she was in that system, she makes sure that people can hear the service user and carer voice and how it feels to be lost in the complex system of the NHS.

I am interested in painting, drawing, walking, cinema, pets and being a grandma. I love walking the dog and have just taken up walking netball which I never expected to be doing again, but never say never. I am in the process of trying to write my life story and journey which is time consuming but very interesting. People say the sky is the limit, to me the sky has no limit, if I can come this far in such a short space of time, then where in earth can I be in the future?

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