Dr Jo Horne

Dr Jo Horne@NHS from 15/01/18 to 19/01/18  

Twitter: @hornej13

Job title: Advanced Practitioner Healthcare Scientist

Place care or work: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

My name is Jo and I am an Advanced Practitioner Healthcare Scientist in Cellular Pathology at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS), specialising in gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary histopathology. Histopathology is the study of disease within tissues and involves the sampling of tissues followed by examination under a microscope. My other roles include UHS lead Healthcare Scientist, Cellular Pathology Education & Training lead and Pathology Clinical Effectiveness lead.

I am registered as both a Clinical Scientist and a Biomedical Scientist, having begun my career as a trainee Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer in Southampton in 1997. Twenty-one years later and I am qualified to report gastrointestinal histopathology specimens, being the first person in the UK to pass the exam in 2015.  This is an important area of workforce transformation within histopathology, as it will help to address the increasing workload and demands on histopathology staff.

I am passionate about education and training.  As part of my role, I provide educational and academic supervision to colleagues and students.  I also work with various organisations to support and promote the development of clinical careers for Healthcare Scientists within Cellular Pathology. I am currently one of four WISE Fellows and enjoy outreach events helping to inspire children, but especially girls, into STEM careers.  In my experience, many girls think that science is for boys, but I am proof that women can excel with STEM careers, especially within Healthcare Science.

Outside of work, I love the theatre and regularly attend shows, both locally and in the West End. I also enjoy football, and spending time with friends, family and my godchildren.

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