Dr Sethina Watson

Dr Sethina Watson@NHS from 05/03/18 to 09/03/18

Twitter: @morefluids

Job title: Anaesthetist in training (CT2)

Place of work: Southmead Hospital

I am a CT2 trainee in Anaesthesia at Southmead Hospital and a member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

I came to medicine later in life and have four children aged between five and nineteen. It was an epidural with my oldest child that sealed the deal for me: to go from the worst pain in my life to no pain at all was simply amazing. I applied to medical school shortly after with a goal of becoming an anaesthetist. Anaesthesia is an extremely rewarding, interesting and patient-focused specialty.

I started my anaesthetics training in Wales as an Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) trainee in 2014 and then transferred to Bristol as a Core Anaesthetic trainee. I am extremely privileged to do this job. It’s a brilliant specialty that does far more than just ‘putting people to sleep’.

Anaesthetic training takes a minimum of nine years after medical school, there are multiple specialties to learn and exams to pass. Anaesthesia allows me to work with a diverse range of patients to tailor each anaesthetic to their individual situation, planned surgery and medical history.

As anaesthetists in training we do this with senior advice and support. Putting patients at ease, gaining their trust and taking them through their surgery is very fulfilling. We perform practical procedures, utilise technology and give rapid-acting drugs. Anaesthetists work under pressure to make quick and safe decisions.

As part of a multidisciplinary team we are well supported by our senior colleagues. Anaesthetists can be found across hospital services including in emergency department resus bays, intensive care and pain clinics. My anaesthetic colleagues tend to be a pretty nice bunch of people!

Outside of work my children keep me busy, we love baking, getting out into nature and family games nights. My youngest has cystic fibrosis, which makes us regular users of the wonderful NHS.

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