Fayaz Ahmed

Fayaz Ahmed@NHS from 23/10/17 to 27/10/17  

Condition: B-Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Place of treatment: University College London Hospitals (UCLH)

I’m 25 years old, I was diagnosed in July 2016 at 23 years old. I had just finished my Graphic Design course and decided to take a small break before starting working life, turns out the break ended up being a bit longer than planned. I underwent 6 rounds of RCHOP chemotherapy, and then 20 sessions of radiotherapy at Queens hospital. Post treatment scan showed the tumour hadn’t gone and there were new signs of disease which they classed as an aggressive cancer. I was then referred to UCLH under the Teenage and Young Adults unit and currently going through my 3rd round of Intensive chemo – RGDP.

I love sports, especially football – Manchester United fan –  and going gym which unfortunately both have had to be cut out due to treatment. I’m a graphic designer and work as part of my family business doing print and design. Which makes taking time off during chemo days a lot easier. I find the advertising portion in graphic design particularly interesting, especially how a product is marketed based on current trends to manipulate peoples buying habits.

I enjoy nature adventures and adrenaline rush activities. A good mountain climbing session and awesome scenery would be my idea of a great holiday. Going Sky diving has definitely been by most memorable adrenaline rush, nothing beats free falling from 10,000ft…well maybe free falling from 15,000ft. My next aim is to climb Mount Everest, I intended to do so this year but unfortunately due to poor health it’s had to be delayed, but no doubt one day I will accomplish this task.

My aim in life is just to be happy, to be at peace and comfortable with whatever life has to offer. To be able to explore this world’s many wonders and enjoy good health.