Felicia Kwaku

Felicia Kwaku@NHS from 22/01/18 to 26/01/18  

Twitter: @felicia_kwaku

Job title: Associate Director of Nursing

Place care or work: Kings College NHS Foundation Trust

#HelloMyNameIs Felicia, I’m the Associate Director of Nursing  @KingsCollegeNHS.

I’ve been a nurse Cardiothoracic and General Intensive Care nurse for 29 years.

This week I’ll be working on the wards, auditing care, coaching staff among other things.

I hope you enjoy my tweets!

I currently work at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as an Associate Director of Nursing focusing on quality improvement and patient safety. So I could be working on the wards, auditing care, coaching staff, developing improvement projects or attending meetings.

I have 29 years nursing experience, specialised in General Intensive Care and Cardiothoracic Nursing. I trained at University College London Hospitals and hold an MSc in Human Physiology.  I have always been interested in education and development and have held various educational roles.  I have been a Director of Nursing in the Independent sector and more recently at Whipps Cross University Hospital in London.

I have always had a passion for clinical practice ensuring that patients and staff are at the centre of our care. I believe that if the workforce isn’t highly valued then this is reflected in care.  Although operational, I still perform clinical duties and I am highly visible in and out of uniform. Prior to King’s College Hospital I was Corporate Head of Nursing at North Middlesex Hospital responsible for leading CQC preparation and quality improvement.

I love coaching, supporting and mentoring which I think is a fundamental responsibility as it allows staff to grow and access personal and professional development.

Hospital business does not occupy all my time as I am the Deputy Chair of the Chief Nursing Officer Black Minority Ethnic Strategic Advisory Group and also sit on various committees, such as, NMC Professional Advisory Group and Nigerian Nurses Association UK.

I am passionate about equality and diversity and strive to ensure the staff from BME backgrounds are given equal opportunities and BME patients are given equal care and advocacy. My current forays have seen me volunteer at part of the Save a Heart Nigeria charity where I am part of a team that perform and teach cardiac surgery in Nigeria.