Florian Breitenbach

Florian Breitenbach@NHS from 11/06/18 to 15/06/18

Twitter: @flobach

Job title: NHS 111 Clinical Advisor (Paramedic)

Place of work: London Ambulance Service

Hello world! I am an Australian/German Paramedic with a professional interest in developing and furthering the paramedic profession internationally. I have worked in Germany, Australia and now the UK, and have found “working the phones” previously on 999 and currently 111 an excellent learning opportunity, a worthwhile challenge, and a great way of providing initial (health) care and advice to the public.

To sum myself up: Rides a bike to work (the one with pedals), dreams about the future, uses tech in the present, and used to be a computer network nerd in the past. Healthcare, Technology & Rock’n’Roll (and my lovely wife!).

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