Gabrielle Mathews

Gabrielle Mathews@NHS curator from Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2020

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I am a NHS Youth Expert Advisor

I’m also a medical student at Imperial College School of Medicine


About me

I’m the youngest member of the NHS Assembly, a Youth Expert Advisor to NHS England and the CYP Transformation Board, and an alumni member of the NHS Youth Forum with almost six years of experience championing Youth Voice.

I’m also the former Chair of the Young Persons’ Advisory Group at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and in 2018 was selected as an #iwill ambassador for health at StepUpToServe — I now chair their Health and Social Care steering group.

Earlier this year, I was appointed to the oversight board at the Research and Economic Analysis for the Long term (REAL) Centre at The Health Foundation. Through these roles and my own healthcare journey, I have developed a keen interest in children and young people’s experiences of care — particularly when transitioning between services, consenting to procedures, receiving difficult news and in safeguarding proceedings.

As a future doctor in the NHS, I have an additional interest in the welfare of the NHS workforce and the wellbeing of current medical students. This has led to a focus on the People’s Plan and the ‘Core Offer’ proposed for all NHS Staff. In the academic year 2018/19 I sat on the ICSM Student Union as Vice-Chair of Welfare. I’m a fourth-year medical student at Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM), where I am currently intercalating with a BSc in Global Health. I explored this area through my role as a Young Technical Advisor at Public Health England, World Health Organisation collaborating centre.

In 2018 I worked as a Women’s Health Ambassador with DaysForGirls and completed a three-week trek and community health project in Nepal. In 2019 I was celebrated as one of 450 Women of the year for my work advocating for children and young people in the NHS.

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