Heidi Reynolds, patient

Heidi Reynolds@NHS from 10/04/17 to 14/04/17

Twitter Handle: @start_pd

Condition: Parkinson’s disease

Location: Treliske (Royal Cornwall Hospital)

So, to describe myself in around 300 words? Anyone who knows me will know I don’t do anything in under 300 words. In fact, Twitter itself is like a form of torture to a gabble box like me! Apparently I even talk too much for someone with Parkinson’s, but then I apparently don’t look like I have it, I’m too young. It’s surprising the amount of neurologists floating about out there. To be fair, I thought Parkinson’s was a condition of the elderly that caused shaking too. So I’m no better than anyone else!

Anyway…you’re probably wondering who this opinionated rambling woman is, after all these eloquent people? Sorry – me. Heidi, age 40, now diagnosed at 37 with Parkinson’s (obviously) after 4/5 years of operations and tests.

I’m gym/exercise mad. Love nothing more than to lose myself (metaphorically speaking don’t worry) on a coastal path where I live on the Lizard in Cornwall, preferably with my camera and – if the NHS aren’t looking – coffee & cake!

I’ve just moved here from Essex. Dream move! Word of advice if you have an aspiration, a dream? Make it happen. Change is manageable even with a condition like Parkinson’s. I’ve founded a support group called ‘Start Living Today PD’, for people living with Parkinson’s including friends and family. We have 3 words at our core: Positive Motivated Happy. There’s around 1k members across 37 countries. So that keeps me busy!

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