Helen Kilminster, staff

Helen Kilminster@NHS from 16/10/17 to 20/10/17  

Twitter: @HPILLminster

Job title: Senior Pharmacist

Place of  work: Whiteacres Medical Centre (GP surgery)

Hello I’m Helen, a Senior Clinical Pharmacist for the NHS England (NHSE) Phase 1 Pilot and Primary Care Pharmacy Association (PCPA) West Midlands Lead.  I am based in General Practice at Whiteacres, Malvern, South Worcestershire; the largest NHSE Phase 1 Pilot Site. I am an independent prescriber and I am currently reading a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice at the University of Worcester. I am also a care navigator for Whiteacres and support the practice for both clinical and non-clinical work including strategic service improvement. I am the prescribing lead for all five Malvern practices for 2017/18 Local Improvement Scheme.

I’m mummy to two children, married to my high school sweetheart and I’m a big sister. I’m currently training to cycle on a triplet tandem with my PCPA peers to Paris, leaving from Royal Pharmaceutical Society HQ in London. I enjoy baking, gardening, travelling and doing crafts with my two children.

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