Hope Gorton

Hope Gorton@NHS on 04/09/19

Twitter handle: @HopeGorton

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  N/A

Condition or job title: N/A

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Shoot the Moon / The Reporters’ Academy

Hope is a 26-year-old Digital Marketing Manager working in the advertising industry. As a member of The Reporters’ Academy, she has worked with the NHS Youth Forum to teach young people valuable media skills. She recently attended the NHS Youth Voice Summit to discuss young people’s mental health.

Diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in 2015, Hope has experienced first-hand the impact of social media on body image and mental health. She contributed to blogs to raise awareness of the condition – her latest work includes a very honest ‘letter to my gut’ which highlights her personal journey towards accepting her body