Isobel Walker

Isobel Walker@NHS from 24/09/18 to 28/09/18

Twitter: @issywalker

Job title: Student

Place of work: University of Nottingham Medical School (based at QMC)

I am a 2nd Year Medical student studying at the University of Nottingham: I am currently completing the pre-clinical part of my course, the BMedSci, but this doesn’t mean we don’t get to go on placements – in my first year for instance I had 6 sessions at a local GP and 3 at the Royal Derby Hospital.

I find this aspect of my course particularly interesting as I get to view the NHS from a completely different perspective – I spend a lot of time under NHS care due to issues with anxiety, recovering from a severe respiratory episode in 2017, and also with my joints when I was younger, and generally being a bit accident prone (got hit by a car, for instance).

People often ask why I chose Medicine as a career when I have such profound issues with anxiety – I control it well with medication and CBT, and I don’t think that you should allow mental health to stigmatise you and stop you from pursuing your passions. I’m progressing well in my course, and I know there is so much support for me if I need it – people need to be more aware of the health needs of those working in healthcare, and this is something I aim to really try to promote within my university whilst working as an education rep for my course.

Outside of medicine, I am a keen rower and sailor, work as a rowing coach, enjoy a bit of art and love listening to music (despite being absolutely tone-deaf myself). I’m also toying with the idea of writing a book based around mental health… but we will see what the workload of a medical degree allows for!