Jaydee Burchell

@NHS from 21/01/19 to 25/01/19 

Twitter handle: @BurchellJaydee

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Student

Condition or job title: Student Physiotherapist

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Keele University

My name is Jaydee Burchell, I’m a 2nd year physiotherapy student at Keele University. I am currently on my second placement at Royal Stoke University Hospital, in respiratory medicine, which incorporates chest physiotherapy to clear secretions and increase lung volume, with mobility to help rehabilitate patients towards their personal goals.

I was first introduced to physiotherapy aged 11, due to some knee issues. These problems have been intermittent, allowing me to see many different physiotherapists throughout the years. I have always been interested in biology and physical education and was lucky enough to have extremely supportive teachers at The Blandford School to help achieve my potential through A Levels. I always knew that whatever profession I went into would need to be caring, progressive, and for the good of others. Combining this all together directed me down the path of physiotherapy, and I haven’t looked back!

Keele University has provided me with a great support network in and outside of classes and has allowed for many extracurricular activities. I have recently finished volunteering in the Physiotherapy clinic for the Athletic Union sports teams, providing a triage, follow up, and massage service for Keele’s sports people. I have also had the opportunity to complete the Level 3 Sports Massage Course, to begin building my CPD portfolio. Also, I have had the honour of volunteering at the annual Physiotherapy Conference and could see for myself the latest research and developments in our fast-moving profession.

In my spare time I thoroughly enjoy trampolining and I am club captain of the Keele Trampoline Club. This involves leadership, delegation, team work, and a lot of time management; all of which have greatly supported me as an individual, and as a physiotherapy student.

Going forward I now have the opportunity to take a year abroad to further develop my skill set, and to explore my interests into other specialities; including paediatrics, prosthetics, and sports. This will enable me to gain knowledge in subjects of interest that are not available in the current curriculum; supporting my progression as a physiotherapist.

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