Jenny Clarke, Midwife

Jenny Clarke@NHS from 19/12/16 to /12/16

I’m a full time core clinical midwife in the intrapartum team at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I was runner up in the Kate Granger NHS compassionate care awards 2015 and Midwife of the Year 2015 at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. My experience and connections as a midwife have led to a passion for the physiology of birth.

One of my interests is to identify how maternity workers influence endogenous hormone production in labouring and postnatal women. My focus of care is maintaining peace and encouraging women. A large part of my work is around extolling the benefits about skin to skin contact for the newborn and the mother: you can find out more on my personal Twitter account, @JennyTheM.

I’m a proud team member of @WeMidwives – we unite midwives throughout the world via the 21st century platform of social media. I’m also part of the group which focuses on maternity experience in the UK.

As an NHS Care-maker, I consider the 6Cs on a daily basis and also at each contact with women, newborns and their families.

I’ve worked in various specialities within maternity services in posts which include community midwifery sister, postnatal ward manager and public health midwife (as a lead for the NW Stop smoking service focusing on reducing smoking in pregnancy). In August 2013 I was one of 5 midwives who helped set up Fylde Coast Birth at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as a new service. The water birth rate increased by over 300%.

As an older midwife I see myself as a ‘baton passer’ and like to encourage future midwives to think differently about their practice by questioning the system of the NHS. Other commitments include public speaking and blogging. My aim is to connect others to improve maternity services and share good practice.

My hobbies include interior design, art, writing poetry, Information Technology, painting furniture, gardening, sewing, walking and training my Labrador puppy Buddie. I also enjoy baking, moving furniture around (ask my family!) and spending quality time with family and friends.

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